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Lash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions vs. Eyelash Lifts-- Which is Right for You?

There are two primary ways that you can make your lashes longer and fuller: lash lifts and eyelash extensions. Both of these treatments create fuller, longer looking lashes. Lash lifts tend to focus more around enhancing the appearance of your natural lashes. No additional lashes are added to your eyelid during the process. Eyelash extensions are commonly utilised by those looking for a more dramatic effect, but can be applied in ways that look more natural as well.

How do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Eyelash extensions are comprised of numerous individual, semi-permanent eyelashes that are bonded to your natural eyelashes. These extensions remain on your eyelashes until they begin to shed naturally; this process generally occurs over a time period of four to six weeks. At Brazilian Beauty, we offer lash extensions in a variety of thicknesses and lengths so that you can walk out with the perfect match:

More Information About Available Lash Lengths

Your professional beauty therapist will work closely with you to determine which lash length is best for your facial features. Because we offer a variety of eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses, we'll take a look at your natural lashes and assess your wants and needs before selecting the extensions we'll use. When you look at your natural eyelashes, you may be able to notice that the lashes towards the centre of your eye are shorter and finer than those on the edges. We replicate this natural look with a variety of lashes in order to help create a perfect natural look; more dramatic looks are also available if desired.

Pre-Treatment Advice

Before you come into the office to get eyelash extensions, remove contact lenses and any mascara that you're already wearing. Waterproof mascara, especially, can pose problems during the application process. Many experienced beauty therapists recommend putting in a request to add an eyelash tint to your appointment before you come in.

How do Lash Lifts Work?

The average lash lift will take just under an hour; if you're planning on undergoing the treatment, you can expect to be comfortable and relaxed for the entirety of the process. Your beauty therapist will apply specially-designed creams and utilise silicone shields to give your eyelashes a semi-permanent lift. In many cases, you'll also get a tint to make your lashes extra noticeable.

Pre-Treatment Advice

Before your lash lift appointment, be sure to remove eye make if you're wearing any. Makeup will interfere with the lift process and make it difficult for your beauty therapist to get an idea of what your natural lashes look like. You should also remove contact lenses prior to your appointment. Make sure you tell your beauty therapist right away if you have an eye infection or are experiencing irritation. You'll need to re-book your appointment and wait until after the problem resolves before your lift.

How Long Will a Lash Lift Last?

Lash lift results can last for as many as six to eight weeks. Your results will be heavily dependent on your individual hair growth cycle and home beauty routine. If you want your lift to last longer, make an appointment and pop in for a treatment every six to eight weeks. With a little maintenance, your lift can be maintained indefinitely.

What to Expect From the Treatment

The lash lift process is reliant on a flexible silicone mould. This mould is utilised from the lash root outwards in order to create full-volume lashes. A solution will be applied to the midsection of your top lash line and left to develop-- this step is where your visibly lifted lashes are sculpted and finalised. Most treatments will end with an eyelash tint to enhance final results and make them more visible. If you're ready to take the plunge and try out lash lifts or eyelash extensions, get in touch with us to book your appointment today. At Brazilian Beauty, we're dedicated to making sure you feel like the best version of yourself-- and treating yourself to a lash lift or eyelash extensions could be the key to unlocking your self-confidence.