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How to Get Your Brows On Fleek

The full brow trend has been here for a while, and it looks like it is here to stay. More and more, celebrities and models are walking the red carpet with perfectly tamed arches that frame their eyes and faces in the most beautiful way. Luckily for us, there are plenty of methods we can use at home or treatments we can request at the clinic to achieve the same gorgeous face-framing eyebrows.

"Eyebrows On Fleek" Tutorial 

Below, we've outlined an at-home tutorial to get your 'brows on fleek for the summer. 

Step 1: Brush Them Up 

Using a clean spoolie (which looks like a mascara wand) or an eyebrow brush, brush those 'brows in an upward motion so you can clearly see their natural arch. 

Step 2: Fill Them In

For this next step, you can choose which formula works best and lasts longest on your skin. Some prefer powder, others like using a flat-angled makeup brush along with pomade, and still others rely on the reliable eyebrow pencil. Ensure the colour matches or is a touch darker than your hair colour.

It can be particularly difficult for people with blonde or light brown hair to find the correct tone; when shopping for 'brow products, test the product out on the back of your hand. If you see reddish undertones, the colour may not be right for you. Stick to taupes and light browns for a truer match. 

Using the brow's natural arch as your guideline, start in the middle of the brow and fill in towards the tail, working in light, hair-like strokes. Then come back up towards the front of the brow. If your eyebrows are particularly sparse, it's a general rule that your eyebrow should not extend far past your inner or outer corner of the eye.

Step 3: Give Them Hold

Brush through your brows again, this time with a clear mascara. For extra hold, spray some hairspray on a clean spoolie brush and brush through using that. 

Step 4: Set Them Off

Now it's time to accent those beautiful brows. There are two main ways you can do this. The first is by outlining the brow area with concealer, which really makes your eyes pop. Ensure you blend, blend, blend the concealer into the skin surrounding the eyebrow.

The second way is by choosing a pearly nude highlighter -- powder works best here so that you don't accidentally smudge liquid highlighter into the eyebrow later in the day. Work the highlighter into the brow bone underneath the eyebrow. You can even extend the highlighter around the tail of the eyebrow to get that on-fleek trendy look.  

Alternative Treatments

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of steps it can take to achieve a perfect 'brow look, you may want to look into alternative methods for creating a full, gorgeous arch.

At your local Brazilian Beauty clinic, we offer a number of eyebrow services to meet your every need. Below, we've outlined some of your choices.

The Feather Touch Brow 

Unlike the harsh block tattooing of the past, Feather Touch Tattoo is a completely natural looking way to create subtle or completely reworked brows, depending on how much hair your eyebrows already have. Senior Beauty Therapists use your original brow as a guideline, and add cosmetic tattoos in small, light, hair-like strokes, mirroring the addition of natural hairs. After the Feather Touch Brow treatment, and unlike the at-home tutorial above, you don't have to worry about committing time and energy to fill in your brows every day. The Feather Touch Brow lasts for up to 24 months, so it's a perfect non-permanent option for those who love fuller brows but don't want to spend time each day on a multi-step eyebrow makeup routine. 

The Henna Brow 

Using skin- and hair-safe natural dyes, the Henna Brow is applied to both your eyebrow hairs and the skin below it, filling in any gaps or sparse areas you may have. The Henna Brow lasts for up to 6 weeks, and creates fuller, voluminous arches that again saves you time and money on makeup products or eyebrow serums. 

Schedule a consultation with the professional Beauty Therapists at your favourite Brazilian Beauty location to learn more about the variety of eyebrow options offered as well as which one is right for you and your eyebrows.