How is mineral makeup different?

Mineral makeup is extremely effective in providing a finished look to your skin and makes it look like the natural skin. Unlike other forms of makeup, it creates a very flawless skin and the makeup sits perfectly on your skin as if it’s a part of your natural skin. Mineral makeup is known to be highly pigmented, very fine, and perfect on all skin types.

The biggest advantage of mineral makeup is that it’s great for your skin because it never clogs the pores and it is a natural physical block to the damaging sun rays.

Mineral makeup comprises of real minerals with main ingredients including:

  • zinc

  • iron

  • titanium oxides or dioxides.

TIP: If you’re interested in finding out whether the mineral makeup actually contains minerals then all you have to do is put a little into a glass full of clear water. The real mineral makeup will float on top while the water at the bottom will remain clear.

Mineral makeup does not contain perfumes, dyes, oils or alcohol as all that can lead to sensitivity of the skin and lead to clogging of pores. Since the mineral makeup contains minerals so the makeup stays on top and isn’t absorbed by your skin. All this ultimately protects your skins from harmful effects of chemicals and prevents the introduction of allergens or toxic chemicals. Since, this makeup is known to provide great coverage and at the same time prevents skin sensitivities, it’s often applied after treatments like lighter chemical peels, facials and microdermabrasions. These are even used after complex plastic surgeries as the anti-inflammatory property of mineral makeup makes it perfect for use after surgical procedures on the face, neck and hands. On top of this, mineral makeups are even known to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

The aim of every makeup is to reveal the beautiful side of your personality and to make you even more gorgeous.

However, ultimately it’s your choice to choose the type of makeup that suits your skin. Thus, you can either consult your doctor or expert beautician to find out the best makeup that suits your skin type.

Don’t choose in haste or without consulting an expert because a faux pas can lead to absolute disaster. On the other hand an appropriate mineral makeup can transform you into a diva!

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