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How Does IPL Hair Removal Actually Work?!

It’s the question on everyone’s lips - how does IPL and Laser Hair Removal actually work?

  Don’t worry Beauties - we’ve got you covered! Let us divulge the not-so-secret industry secrets… Both Laser and IPL technologies work using heat and light to irreparably damage the hair follicle, permanently inhibiting hair growth. Fantastic! So you can throw out that pesky razor for good! What’s the difference between IPL & Laser Hair Removal? In truth, not a lot! Laser works using a single focused beam of light and energy whilst IPL works using a series of energy ‘waves’. Both work in the same way to permanently reduce hair!

Why IPL?

IPL is a safe and effective solution to permanently reduce unwanted hair!

  The laser beams, or in IPL’s case, light waves, work by energy from light waves being absorbed by the dark pigment in the skin (your hair!). When that energy hits the dark pigment (known in the biz as a chromophore) it’s then converted to heat which causes damage to the hair follicle.
The follicle absorbs the light and heat resulting in permanent damage. Which means no more hair!
The follicle absorbs the light and heat resulting in permanent damage. Which means no more hair!

Destroyed follicle = no more hair growth!

  Because hair grows in cycles and is easily influenced by hormonal changes, 6 - 12 treatments are normally recommended. Every client and every hair is different - so we suggest booking in at your favourite BB Clinic for a complementary consultation so we can get you feeling smoother for longer! IPL and Laser Treatments can make your skin a little sensitive, so using a soothing and restorative lotion is essential. Top tip: Exfoliating twice a week between treatments with a glycolic chemical exfoliant will speed up the process by gently removing dead skin cells, healing ingrowns and preparing the area for a more effective treatment.   Hurry in for our IPL Hair Removal sale. Buy 5 get 1 FREE - all treatment areas!