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Fresh Faced Beauty – Why Cosmetic Injections are part of my exit strategy.

These restrictions are starting to ease and I’m slightly freaking out.

Like a deer in headlights; my mind is frozen.  I want to go out, of course I do but 6 weeks of isolation and I think I have forgotten how to be a citizen.  I mean, for starters; I look like a damned caveman right now and thanks to my new found love of baking (WTH!!!); I’ve been eating nothing but carbs for 42 days! 

Deep breath in… exhale… I can do this.  I can do this… I just need to dust myself off (no, literally… I need to dust myself off then vacuum away the crime scene outline I’ve left on the couch) and take a step towards the light.  Good-bye Netflix… thanks for being my bff.

I forgot to change out of my pyjamas and now I’m standing outside in my onesie with my car keys in my hand.  No biggie it seems I’m in good company, my neighbour is strolling down his driveway dressed as The Little Mermaid… it’s bin day apparently. 

Life will never return to normal.  How can it now… everything is toppsie-turvey.  Kids don’t want to stay home and teachers don’t want to go to school… no wait, I think it’s kids want to go to school but teachers don’t want to teach them… argh!  It’s madness. 

Isolation sure has a lot to answer for but thank God there still seems to be some sense and order left in this world because Cosmetic Injections are back baby!!!


The cosmetic medical team at Brazilian Beauty HQ are ready to plump and smooth us back to our pre-iso fabulousness and onesie or no onesie… I am heading straight there.

Don’t judge me.  Full cheeks, beautiful lips, that super smooth forehead that glows like a dew drop on a flower petal… some are lucky enough to have this naturally but many of us are getting a little bit of help.  

Cheeks Fillers can give a very natural looking contour to the face, lifting away crows feet and jowels as well as slimming down the jaw line for a super look.  Cheek fillers are also used to reduce those dreaded dark undereye circles.  Think Kris Jenner, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Anniston and that chick from ‘Bridgett Jones Diary’ (I can never remember her name!) and you’ll get the idea.

Lip Filler doesn’t mean you will end up with lips the size of Donatella Versace.  OMG No!  A well executed Lip enhancement will give your lips a youthful and naturally, plump appearance with that cute, crisp border.  Of course, if big is your preference then by all means… you do you girlfriend!  But, giving your lips a little bit of volume is instantly rejuvenating and a definite favorite amongst women and men too!

Frown Lines  pfft… who wants those!  If your expression lines remain etched into your skin after you relax your frown then you need this!  There is nothing more aging or ‘unkept’ looking than those etched lines that run across the forehead or in between the eyebrows.  Having anti-wrinkle injection is quick with absolutely no down time.  The results start working within a few days and you will not look frozen… hahahaha - that’s over the top - you will just look like you… just fresher... and cuter.

Total Facial Rejuvenation:  And if you feel like getting back to reality like... “isolation?  What Isolation…”  then book in for a Total Facial Rejuvenation consultation.  The experts at Brazilian Beauty are highly trained in taking a holistic approach to mapping out the perfect combination of treatments to have you looking and feeling confident about your appearance.

Book now via the website at or email and one of the online Skin Experts will contact you directly.