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FREE Skin Check and Analysis!

Free skin analysis! Get to know your skin.

Did you know that your skin is your bodies’ largest organ? Skin changes constantly, from hormonal changes, lifestyle factors, ageing to the environment you live in. I know myself when I am in Brisbane my skin requires a different routine than when I’m back visiting my family in the UK. I know my skin requires key ingredients to stay youthful, like fresh Vitamin C and Retinol that it didn’t require so much when I was 20. I’m lucky that I work in the beauty industry and can question ingredients and their purpose. Choosing the right skin care products to achieve calm, hydrated healthy skin can be difficult. A skin care product that may work well on a dry skin type may be an oily skins worst nightmare. On the another hand there are products that have been intended for short term use only that strip oily skins to combat acne. These products are not a good long term solution as they can cause dryness, the skin to thin and premature ageing. It’s also fair to say a product that may have worked perfectly for you when you were 20 isn’t going to work quite as well when you are 30! So, how do you know what’s best for you? The best advice I can give is to regularly have your skin analysed, I would recommend analysing your skin each season, 4 times per year. A skin analysis is free at Brazilian Beauty and you will leave the salon with a form with specific recommendations and a greater knowledge of what’s great for your skin!