Five ways to blast the blemishes this Easter

Its often been said that chocolate is bad for your skin, but is it true? Do we want to believe it or has it just been put out there to dampen our Easter spirit?

Research is yet to directly link chocolate consumption to bad skin. What is known is that a high-sugar/high-fat diet can increase sebum production which can lead to oily, spot prone skin. Beauty expert and Brazilian Beauty founder, Francesca Webster, is here to give you some hot tips so you can enjoy your chocolate guilt free this Easter…

1. Have a regular skin routine

Keep your skincare routine consistent. Constantly trying different products can cause breakouts and disrupt skins delicate PH balance. If you have found skincare that works for your skin, that’s great news – I’d say stick to it.

2. Switch to dark chocolate

I love chocolate but stick to dark chocolate as it contains roughly 50 per cent less sugar and has high levels of chemicals that act as antioxidants which are great for the skin. It’s been linked to lowering blood pressure, blood flow and cardiovascular disease and may even improve brain function!

3. Get a facial that’s right for your skin type

I would encourage everyone to be pro—active and get a facial that’s right for your skin type. The best facial for problem skin is the Brazilian Beauty LED Light Therapy. This facial as a great way of tackling acne, healing breakouts and eliminating acne-causing bacteria. The clever LED light therapy uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to activate and promote collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal.

4. Eat a balanced diet

Filling up on a balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables means that you are less likely to eat so much of the bad stuff which won’t do any favours or your skin.

5. Drink water and lots of it

Keeping hydrated is the key to glowing skin. Not drinking enough water means that your skin will appear duller and wrinkles and pores will become more prominent. So take a bottle of water wherever you go to remind you to keep your hydration levels up.