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Five top tips for getting that perfect tan this winter

Remember these five golden tanning rules and you can’t go wrong getting that subtle sun-kissed glow this winter. 1. Don’t forget to prep Spray tans require a nice even canvas. Before your tan, exfoliate your whole body to get rid of dead skin cells, as this will give you a nice even base. Focus on those rougher areas of skin such as your knees or elbows so that these don’t become blotchy. 2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Winter leaves your skin feeling extra dry, which makes moisturising all the more important. Moisturising daily won’t just prevent your tan from fading unevenly and developing streaks, but also helps to prolong it. The Brazilian Beauty Body Hydration Moisturiser contains Mango & Witch Hazel which act together to protect and purify the skin with their antibacterial properties, also making it perfect for after-wax care. 3. Subtlety is key Adjust your summer colour to a few shades lighter in the winter months as this will give you are more natural look. Tans are a lot more noticeable in winter so go for a colour that suits your natural tone and one that will give an understated glow, rather than a full on bronzed look. 4. Get comfy Wear dark loose, comfortable clothing to and from appointment as anything too tight can smudge the tan. Professional tans tend to dry quickly and colour can rub off onto clothes so don’t wear your best outfit to your treatment! 5. No HOT showers   We know its turning colder outside, but don’t have your shower too hot when you’re rinsing off your spray tan as it can strip your skin and remove too much colour. Take a lukewarm one instead to gently rinse the tan off and don’t forget to pat yourself dry as opposed to rubbing when you get out of the shower.