Cosmetic Injections Q&A with CEO, Francesca Webster

Since its inception in 2004, Brazilian Beauty has seen the beauty industry centered around an incorrect depiction of what beauty really is. Growing and evolving with their clients over the years, Brazilian Beauty understands the value in supporting and empowering each of its clients at every stage of their lives.

With the belief that everyone should be able to feel beautiful and confident, Brazilian Beauty has started offering Cosmetic Injections. The Injections are an extension of the salon's advanced treatment range and are administered by a team of nurses and medical supervisors to provide clients with a safe and professional anti-ageing therapy.

We sat down to ask Brazilian Beauty CEO, Francesca Webster more about this decision to extend the clinic's advanced treatment range and Brazilian Beauty's point of difference when it comes to Cosmetic Injections. 


What led Brazilian Beauty to introduce Cosmetic Injections to the menu of services?

At Brazilian Beauty we believe in providing our clients with a wide range of treatment and services that empower our clients to own their own style of beautiful. Cosmetic Injections are an extension of our advanced skin category and provide our clients with a positive ageing treatment that is advanced, professional and safe.


How have Brazilian Beauty introduced the Cosmetic Injection category in house?

We have introduced an in-house medical team. Introducing our own Brazilian Beauty Nurses, Medical Coordinator and Medical Director enables us to empower our clients to own their own style of beautiful - no matter what that is.


If people are interested in Cosmetic Injections, why should they turn to Brazilian Beauty for their treatments?

Cosmetic Injection treatments are very personal and our key focus at Brazilian Beauty is to spend quality time getting to know each client and understand what makes them feel beautiful. Our initial consultation takes about 30 minutes so we can focus on what best suits each individual.


What is Brazilian Beauty’s approach to Cosmetic Injections?

In today's society and media it can sometimes feel like there is a one look fits all approach to the Cosmetic Injection category. We are very mindful of this and want to step away from that stereotype. Instead we are looking to create a trusting and supportive relationship between injector and client to support these advanced skin treatments in a positive light without judgement or pressure.


What is the difference about a Brazilian Beauty experience compared to other beauty salons?

Our company vision is to empower each of our clients to own their own style of beautiful. This is important when it comes to Cosmetic Injections as we want enhance our clients positively, whether they are seeking a proactive approach to ageing gracefully or to simply look the best and freshest version of themselves. We take the time to understand their unique needs and desired outcome.


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