Channel 9’s Jenna Tried Our Advanced Skin Treatments

We all have different skin types…

I now know a lot about mine - it’s like we’re old friends and I’m about to explain why this “friendship” is so important. I’m generally of the motto, if it appears, just cover it up. But after an experience at Brazilian Beauty, I realised I wasn’t doing my skin any justice.

Like many of us, I lead a stressful and busy life. It’s hard to find spare time. So I thought that having a Brazilian Beauty treatment would be “treating” myself. Call me corny, but I‘ve now realised, while it may be a treat, it’s more about creating better skin for the future (all the while feeling incredibly relaxed - doesn’t that sound nice?). Today, I was getting LED Light Therapy with a skin consultation and facial. My therapist was Jess, who led me to a room with candles and earthy music. I lay on the bed and first, she cleansed my face, which was gentle and refreshing. I was then asked to sit on a chair and face into a Skin Scanner, where a blue light showed imperfections and exactly what my skin is needs.

An example of the skin scanner revealing hidden UV damage
An example of the skin scanner revealing hidden UV damage

Around my eyes and scattered across my face were dark blotches. Jess explained, these are the areas where my skin is dehydrated. I had a small amount of congestion - shown through red dots. The machine also showed a white line above my lip, which is skin pigmentation. It’s a big reality check, but I learnt, there are so many ways to fix these flaws. I lay on the bed again, thinking about what I just saw. Yes, I probably don’t moisturise or wear sunscreen as regularly as I could.

Jess began my treatment by putting blacked-out glasses on me (to protect my eyes) and pulled the LED Light across my face. She told me this treatment will treat wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring and much more. Great!

The whole time, Jess is talking me through every step, making the entire journey comfortable and relaxing. The LED Light is quite startling to begin with. It is really bright and slightly warm. But very quickly, your body gets use to it. The light flickers from a variety of colours, targeting various skin problems. I lay there for 20 minutes. There’s absolutely no pain at all.

Let’s get to the REALLY relaxing part… the facial!

Now knowing my skin type, Jess created a facial to suit my skin needs (a custom facial can be done for anyone). BB uses beautiful and gentle products from The Australian Skin Institute (ASI) First, I had an ASI Pro Peel, which regenerates collagen and elastin, reduces wrinkles, but also exfoliates, getting rid of dead skin cells. This treatment tingles slightly (which I always believe is code for - it’s doing it’s job!)’

Next, a variety of ASI multivitamins and supplements were gently massaged into my face. I particularly enjoyed the Good Night Serum, which Jess told me is loaded with pure Vitamin C (I think my thirsty skin loved it because it was so thick and hydrating). I also experienced the All Day Hydration, Pure Hydration Plus, Intensive Daily Multivitamin and Clear Skin Supplements. Some of the products were left on my skin, while Jess massaged my hands and arms with a beautiful smelling moisturiser. It was relaxation heaven!

Days later, I have certainly noticed a improvements in my skin, particularly with fine lines and elasticity. I had two pimples while going under the LED Light Therapy - when I woke up the next day, I was actually surprised to see they’d disappeared. What I learnt was, if I want great skin without having to using quick-fix solutions like make-up (which generally makes the matter worse in the long run), I need to continue moisturising to ensure my dry skin is hydrated - it makes my skin look so much more vibrant.

Now I get to the end of this, I realise your relationship with your skin isn’t at all like an old friend - it’s like the annoying brother you have to like, or your sister’s arrogant boyfriend who will one day become part of the family.

Your skin is a work in progress - it’s unlikely that one treatment will completely perfect your skin, but eventually in time, if you put in the hard work, you’ll love it.