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Penultimate Training Session at BB Bendigo – Brazilian Beauty

  I know, the title sounds a little OTT… but let’s be honest, we have been training epically!!! With this morning’s workout being our second last, we are desperate to get the most out of the program. Looking back on the 28 days what has been awesome about this whole experience has been Arj, our Human Mechanics trainer. He has been on call to answer all our questions ranging anywhere from sore muscles, diet, perhaps the odd plea for chocolate (which he politely denies you anyway) and just his general enthusiasm for all things fitness, it’s really amazing especially at 6am! Arj’s wealth of knowledge stands out because he’s constantly learning and training himself so he can get the best results for his clients. I probably love it so much because we at Brazilian Beauty have the same attitude towards all things beauty - our training, our search for new technologies, our professional responsibility to our clients (yeah we know how to cure your ingrown hair problems!!!) and just the satisfaction we get from applying our knowledge and skills to transform our clients, there’s nothing better! That being said, I don’t want blow up his ego with all these compliments so might just have to say that I really didn’t appreciate the running J Check out my next post for before and after photos! xx Kathryn, BB Bendigo