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90’s Beauty Looks That Are Making a Comeback

90’s Beauty Looks Making A Comeback

Whilst we doubt we’ll ever see a resurgence of crimping and electric blue eye shadow - there are most certainly a few trends you’ll be taking on board (again).

Dark nude lips + lip liner

Who wore it better? Cindy circa 1992 or Kylie Jenner 2015? Layer it on thick Beauties! Source: Pinterest

Half up, half down hair

Separated at birth? Paula and Arianna - two pop princesses, two style queens. For those days you can’t decide on a hairstyle - go for a 2-in-1 look! Source: Shutterstock

Face jewels

Can this be real? Normally saved for music festivals and perhaps the odd house party - can bindis really be making a comeback? Selena seems to think so! Source: Shutterstock

Body Glitter

Glitter vs. Shimmer. Big difference. A little goes a long way - sorry Brit! Dust a light amount of illuminator over your decolletage, and high points of your face a la Blake for a naturally luminous finish. Source: Shutterstock

Never Forget…

Well, who doesn’t remember a young Drew! May her pencil thin brows rest in peace…

BB xx