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5 Common Waxing Myths Debunked By Hair Removal Experts

Waxing has been keeping us silky smooth since the 60s. But with such a long history, comes plenty of myths and misconceptions. We're here to set the record straight by debunking some of the most common myths and misconceptions about this ever-popular hair removal method

Myth: Waxing makes your hair grow back thicker

We've all heard this one, and thankfully it's far from true. In fact, it's not uncommon for hair to grow back finer after waxing

Wax removes hair right from the root, which cuts off its blood supply and causes a new (sometimes finer) hair to completely regrow over 3-4 weeks. 

In comparison, when we shave, we only take the top off the hair, so in 1-2 days, that same hair will quickly begin spiking up again. The hair won’t be thicker, but it will certainly feel like it.

Shaving commonly coarse areas like the brazilian, can lead to irritation, itchiness, ingrown hairs and an all-around bad time. 

Waxing trumps shaving, without a doubt. 


Myth: Waxing makes your hair grow back darker 

Waxing will not change the colour of your hair. We promise! 

But a few other things like hormone changes and taking medications can. If this is the case, your hair colour will change whether you decide to wax, shave or not remove the hair at all. 

So if it’s the fear of your hair growing back darker holding you back, consider this your green light to book in!


Myth: You'll always leave looking like a tomato 

Back in the 60s, probably, yes. But thanks to advanced techniques, waxing is far more gentle than it once was. A little redness is to be expected, but it won’t last long. 

Better yet, our hero product 3 in 1 is ready and waiting to take all your redness troubles away. If you're a waxing regular and you're not already using 3 in 1, this is your sign to start. This product will reduce redness, stall hair growth, fight ingrown hairs and keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Yes please!

Exclusive to Brazilian Beauty, ask your therapist about this must-have product at your next waxing appointment.


Myth: You can't wax while pregnant

Can waxing be a little more sensitive during pregnancy? Yes. But that certainly doesn't mean it's off-limits. 

The benefits? Our waxing experts will always prioritise your comfort, you won't need to worry about those hard to reach areas, and you'll remain silky smooth without lifting finger.

If you're feeling nervous, consult your doctor first for reassurance.


Myth: Ingrown hairs are a sign you should stop waxing

If you're prone to ingrown hairs, you don't need to suffer through them, and you certainly don't need to stop waxing. All you need is a little home care. 

If you want to prevent ingrown hairs and maximise your waxing results, you can't go past these waxing essentials.

3 in 1 

Tea Tree Body Moisturiser

Mango & Witch Hazel Body Moisturiser

Body Buff and Polish Mitt 

Exfoliation Cloth

Antibac Body Wash

Chat to a Brazilian Beauty waxing expert at your next appointment to learn more about what products you should use between your waxing appointments to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy. 

There you have it, all the common waxing myths debunked. The team at Brazilian Beauty are total experts when it comes to waxing. We’re always happy to answer any of your waxing questions and take care of all your hair removal needs. Find out more about our signature waxing services here.  

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