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Vitamin C – Why it may just save your life… or your skin at least!

You know that question… “If you were marooned on a deserted island, what 5 things would you take?”... well, apart from the obvious (hairstraighter!... dah) the one thing I would definitely grab before the ship went down would be my Vitamin C.

  Don’t roll your eyes...  I’m serious!  Did you know that our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C?  Vitamin C deficiency can lead to Scurvy and although this disease is historically associated with sailors and convicts travelling for months on end without a proper diet of fresh fruit and vegetables; the reality is that even today, without Vitamin C we wouldn’t last very long on a deserted island with only coconuts for fuel.  In fact… you would need to eat more than 2kg of fresh coconut every single day just to get the bare minimum daily amount of 70mg of Vitamin C.  That’s a lot of coconut!

  The benefits of Vitamin C are undisputed.  When taken internally, Vitamin C as (L-ascorbic Acid) is an extremely powerful antioxidant that is required for healthy tissue and repair, adrenal gland function and healthy gums.  It protects against the harmful effects of pollution, prevents cancer, protects against infection and enhances immunity.

But it doesn’t end there…  When it comes to keeping our skin looking healthy and radiant, Vitamin C is undoubtedly the most important ingredient you can have in your skincare too!  And here is the reason why…

Vitamin C is the ultimate skin defender by helping to off-set potential damage caused by skin aggressors like UV damage and exposure to air pollutants that cause free radical damage in the skin.

Free radicals are molecules that are known to damage healthy cells in our skin and body.  These molecules have a missing electron so they are a little p’d off.  They’re looking to steal one from another healthy molecule in order to stabilise itself.  The problem is that the robbed molecule then becomes unstable causing a chain reaction called a ‘free radical cascade’ and this in turn creates even more free radicals in our skin and body.

Before you know it, you got free radicals stealing from other molecules all over the place and every time an electron is snatched, direct damage is caused to the skin’s DNA… and this leads to premature ageing.

Applying Vitamin C directly to your skin is like hiring your own personal bodyguard to fight off these attacks caused by the sun and life-style choices such as smoking and diet.

Vitamin C prevents the formation of hyper-pigmentation by blocking tyrosinase; the enzyme responsible for synthesising melanin which produces pigmentation in the skin.  In some skins, melanocytes become ‘hyperactive’ when tyrosinase is triggered.   Like the kid who drinks too much red cordial at the birthday party, it’s swinging that bat at the piñata like crazy and candy is flying everywhere.  This hyperactivity is what causes those darker brown spots and blotches we see on our skin.

There are several factors that can trigger hyper-pigmentation, although the sun is usually the main culprit.  Medication and hormones as well as heat can also cause dark spots or patches to develop.  And there is also some debate on whether the effects of fluorescent lighting as well as the lights from mobile phones and laptops may add more cordial to the mix.

Having Vitamin C in your skincare will ensure your pigmentation is calm and playing nicely with all the other kids.

Vitamin C powers the production of Collagen and wound repair in the skin.  If there was only one reason to make sure you were applying your daily dose of Vitamin C to your skin then it would be this… Vitamin C is absolutely essential for the production of collagen in the skin… it can’t happen without it.

About 80% of our skin is made up of collagen protein;  and together with another protein called elastin, is responsible for giving skin structure and support.  But as we age our collagen production naturally decreases and combined with that free radical damage I explained earlier, causes lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin.  Collagen is also an essential component of connective tissue which is important in wound repair.

Did you know that your collagen production naturally starts to decline at around 20 years of age?  Don’t wait until it’s too late to include Vitamin C in your daily skincare routine.  You’ll thank yourself in the long run by setting yourself up early with a good skincare regimen that includes Vitamin C every day!

Which ASI products contain Vitamin C?

Rejuvenating Foaming CleanserA potent cosmeceutical cleanser full of restorative Vitamin C, calming Chamomile, and stimulating Citric Acid. Cleanse away impurities with an invigorating cleanser for all skin types!  Best of all, Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser uses nourishing ingredients to deliver a deep and hydrating cleanse that will always leave your skin glowing.

Rejuvenating Night Cream: Rejuvenating Night Treatment is our must-have night time face, eye and lip cosmeceutical treatment.  This ‘hero product’ has been formulated with the most potent vitamins designed to change the structure of the skin to improve dehydration, congestion and acne. Scientifically proven to reverse the natural signs of aging, highly active Retinol and Vitamin C will refresh and refine the skin from the inside out.

R3 - Relieve, Restore Repair: This multipurpose remedy is loaded with pure restorative Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory Calendula. Perfect for even the most sensitive skins, R3 also targets sunburn, skin irritation, inflammation, heat discomfort, fine lines, wrinkles and redness.

Vitamin C Serum: Bursting with 25% pure Vitamin C, this serum uses ASI’s unique nanotechnology; a transdermal delivery system that allows the vitamin C to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver a higher concentration right where it's needed.  It amazingly silky texture also makes it the perfect, pre make-up primer!

Pure Hydration Concentrate: With the ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, this serum is loaded with pure Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate skin hydration.  It targets dryness, fine lines and wrinkles giving the skin a boost of Vitamin C and leaving the skin feeling replenished and refreshed.  A must have for every skin!

How to design the perfect Vitamin C skincare regime: Our sisters at Brazilian Beauty know everything there is to know about the ASI range of skincare products and are available for online skin consultations to help you customise your own unique skincare plan based on factors such as your age, skin type and lifestyle.

  Jump online and have a chat with one of our Online Beauty Advisors here

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  Image credit Nicola Jane