The Teneriffe Festival

​Now in its fourth year, the festival provides an excellent opportunity for our therapists and some head office employees to interact with the community we service. In previous years we’ve done what we can to brighten up the festival. Our mainstay was helium-filled, Brazilian Beauty branded black and gold balloons. This year, we’ll be stepping things up to the next level. In addition to our usual stall, we’ll add a bit of spice to the festival atmosphere. We’ll have our makeup stand again this year, as it’s always very popular with passers-by. Our Australian Skin Institute stall will be busy, with new products such as the Loose Mineral Foundation and R3 sure to attract some attention. We’ll have the human billboards, which we had a lot of fun with at the Brazilian Beauty MacArthur Central launch earlier this year. They’ll interact with the crowds and hopefully send a bit of interest our way.

There’ll be a Skin Scanner there for everybody to use and hopefully gain further understanding of the condition of their skin. We use it to determine levels of scarring and pigmentation in clients in order to develop treatment plans. Overall, the day should be exciting for all involved. It’s part of our philosophy at Brazilian Beauty to engage with the community in as many ways as possible, and this is a great opportunity for that. See you there!