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Take Control Of Your Skin This Winter: 3 must-have skin treatments that will have you looking Radiantly Cute In The Cold.

Aahhhh… dry, flakey winter skin… why do you torment me so?  You were fine just a few weeks ago but now you’re drier than the Sahara Desert and that expensive foundation you made me buy, when you were looking SO damn GOOD, now just sits on you like my nana’s rough and fury hand-me-down socks!

  Our skin can get a little messy during winter.  The low humidity and cold, windy temperatures often causes skin to become lipid dry (not enough oil) causing our natural protective skin barrier to become impaired and allowing a secondary dryness to take hold… dehydration.

  This double dryness causes your skin to crack and flake, often feeling tight and sensitive.  Skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea often flare up leaving the skin looking red and irritated and leaving it open to infection such as Acne or simple break outs.

  Be proactive during the winter months by scheduling one or more of these effective treatments into your routine.  Your skin will glow with health… and you’ll look super cute in that beanie and knee-high boots!

  LED Light Therapy

  Originally pioneered by NASA to assist with wound healing during space missions, LED Light Therapy stimulates multiple functions of repair and regeneration in the skin by delivering light energy into the deepest layers of the skin.  This treatment is no science fiction.  Studies have shown skin cells absorb the light energy and convert it into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which in turn powers the cell for peak performance.  Think of it like sunlight to a plant.  Without the sunlight, the plant can not grow… LED provides skin with the fuel it needs to grow and repair, helping to restore and strengthen our natural protective skin barrier (acid mantle) and fight off the drying effects of winter.

  While a 30 minute LED sesh is super nourishing for your skin and your soul, you can also team it up with an AHA exfoliant, relaxing massage and extra hydrating mask for 60 minutes of out-of-this world goodness.

  Advanced Skin Resurfacing Facial

If you want to pull out all the stops then this treatment leaves no stone unturned.  Starting with a double exfoliation this treatment includes microdermabrasion to gently buff away dry, flakey skin build-up and stimulate new collagen formation.  A fantastic way to combat the effects of winter on the skin, a second exfoliation is also included; this time a chemical exfoliant chosen by your therapist based on your skin’s particular needs, will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.  

  Once your skin has been buffed & polished, a soothing therapeutic massage will stimulate the circulation encouraging oxygenation and nutrient caring blood flow to the surface of your skin   (two very important contributors to achieving that radiant skin glow) and help to relax muscle stress and tension.

  And to finish, a super hydrating, anti-aging peptide sheet mask will ensure your skin’s moisture is replenished and locked in deep into the active layers where it is needed most, helping to plump out fine lines and crepey skin;  making your skin look cheek-pinching cute!

  IM Vitamin Boosters

  If you prefer to have something that’s more ‘straight to the point’ then you are going to love these IM Vitamin shots.  This quick and easy procedure not only makes your skin GLOW but also boosts your body’s energy levels and immunity.  

  Performed by a skilled nurse, this injection ensures a cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are injected directly into your bloodstream and, unlike oral vitamins, bypass the digestive system to reach directly into the cells where they can be utilised quickly and effectively.

  An Energy Boost IM Shot will replenish NAD levels in your body.  NAD (or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in every cell in your body and is critical in the proper function of mitochondria (the power switch inside every cell of your body, including skin!).  Get this little guy working at peak performance and your skin will glow like a 24 watt light bulb!  Not only that, you will feel an energy you never knew you had… all without needing even a whiff of your favourite caffeinated drink.

  If energy is not your issue then the IM Immune Boost or IM B12 Boost may be your cup of tea.  Both contain a concentrated dose of B vitamins to help with mental clarity, balance mood and reduce free radical damage caused by lifestyle choices such as smoking and inadequate diet, as well as having glow worthy effects on your skin.