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Our CEO Francesca loves the NEW ASI IM Booster shots!

The Best Version Of You

  "As a 47 year old active seeker of anti aging treatments the Energy Boost IM (intramuscular) treatment we are about to launch has totally blown my mind, improved my life and I want to share this amazing treatment with everyone I meet. 

  Early last year I went through a very stressful period of my life whereby I lost half of my hair and my left foot was paraylised. I researched multiple treatments and therapies searching for the answers and hopefully a cure. I first came across NAD when watching and listening to a Joe Rogan podcast featuring Dr David Sinclair, a Harvard University Anti Ageing lecturer.

  Post the podcast I had a couple of NAD IV drip infusions, after each IV I could see a marked improvement in my foot movement and this along with conventional therapy and dry needling from my podiatrist Lawerence Taufahema of The Foot People helped me heal. Almost a year on from this event, I have no issues today with regard to my foot and thankfully my hair is growing back. 

  The IV infusions were great but took the best part of a day to administer and recover from, precious time that I simply didn't have with my busy lifestyle. However I wanted to continue with the NAD boost to my body as it made me feel so alive. Alive in the sense that I could work out harder at the gym, smash out a heavy CEO work load, be quick witted and handle stressful situations with ease. I totally loved the energised effect on my mind and body. 

  Roll in the Energy Boost IM infusion, a 10 second no fuss injection that boosts NAD level in your body. 

  I’ve been in the beauty industry for 16 years and have seen an amazing range of treatments that really do improve the appearance and confidence of both me, our team and our customers, but nothing quite like the impact of NAD. 

  What would you give to feel like you are filled with the energy to jump out of bed in the morning and attack a gym session with ease. The cognition to smash through a hard day at the office and the resilience to manage stress and say no to bad food cravings? That's the power you have when your body’s NAD levels are at an optimum level. 

  NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) a vitamin B3 derivative is a naturally occurring enzyme in our body that is responsible for creating energy and it’s fair to say if you are over the age of 20, drink coffee or alcohol, eat gluten or just generally live a normal western lifestyle (most of us) your NAD levels will be low and as a result so will your energy.

When injected NAD travels directly to the mitochondria in your body, most of which are found in your head, chest and digestion system. The Energy Boost IM infusion impacts and tops up the NAD levels in your body and simply put, makes you feel alive and the very best version of you. 

  This isn't a new vitamin technology, it's been around for 40 years and is widely used in multiple areas of medicine in the USA to treat everything from addictions to boosting energy and performance levels for athletes. It's anti ageing from the inside out. 

  Don't just take a 47 year old (that feels like a 27 year old) word for it…..take the time to research NAD and the benefits for weight loss, anti-ageing, stress management, addiction, gut health and fitness or give one of the following Brazilian Beauty Clinics a call or book online to find out more information and start feeling the best version of you."

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