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How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

Avoid Refined Sugar

  Cutting out refined sugar from your diet helps to decrease inflammation in the entire body including the skin, which happens to be our largest organ. Refined sugar makes our skin age faster because it promotes an environment where collagen is more likely to break down, our immune systems don’t perform as well, and we aren’t as capable of fighting off bacteria. A diet without sugar (or less sugar) will clear up your complexion and lighten your under-eye bags.  

Drink More Water

  Hydration, hydration, hydration!
In summer, drink water as much as you can. The recommended amount for an active adult is between 2 to 4 litres a day. If you exercise a lot, your body is going to work harder to stay cool by sweating, so you need to hydrate even more.  

To stay hydrated you can also eat fruits and vegetables and drink tea (hot and cold)!   A hydrated skin is more beautiful and radiant and it will help lighten your under-eyes too.  

Apply an Eye-Cream

  After cleansing your face and applying your serums and moisturiser, take a pea-size amount of eye cream or gel with your finger and dab small dots under and around your eyes and on the brow bone. Never pull the skin. Instead, gently pat the cream or gel from the eye’s inner corner to its outer corner until it’s absorbed. Wait a couple of minutes before applying your sunscreen or makeup to ensure the product is completely absorbed.  

Cucumber Slices!

  Cold, freshly cut cucumber slices not only feel amazing on tired eyes at the end of the day, but they also act as a cold and hydrating compress, decreasing inflammation in the puffy or tired skin around eyes.