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At Brazilian Beauty we love a feel-good story…

At Brazilian Beauty we love a feel-good story… especially when it involves one of our own.  

Empowering everyone to own their own kind of beautiful is what we are all about and we’re not just limiting that to the way we look.  

Confidence, strength and independence can be powerfully beautiful too, so when our very own Josie Paton, clinic coordinator and owner of Brazilian Beauty’s Currimundi franchise, decided to take the next step with her business!

Talented and highly driven, Josie began her beauty career in 2010 when at just 18 years of age she started as a junior Beauty Therapist after graduating with top marks from the Queensland School Of Natural Beauty.  Her in-clinic experience led her to develop a special interest and passion for advanced skin treatments and cosmeceutical skincare but her goal was always to one day own her own successful beauty clinic.

It didn’t take her long.  At the tender age of just 23 and after only 12 months working as a Senior Beauty Therapist at Brazilian Beauty Creek St, Jossie opened the very first Brazilian Beauty clinic on the Sunshine Coast.  No mean feat for a young girl not long out of beauty school but that’s the beauty of this story… When women are believed in, supported and empowered to take a chance on themselves… great things will happen.

“I was already a big fan of Brazilian Beauty, and after working with the salon for a year I knew I was ready to take on my own salon” Josie said.  “I love Brazilian Beauty’s innovative approach to beauty plus their excellent policies and procedures which will help my business excel… I want to be the best full service Beauty Salon on the Sunshine Coast!” ... 

That was Josie in 2015 during the much anticipated opening of her Currimundi clinic and by the end of 2019,  only 4 short year after opening her doors and with much love and support from her Sunshine Coast community, Josie and her team went on to win some of the most coveted awards in our industry: Brazilian Beauty Clinic Coordinator Of The Year  - Brazilian Beauty Clinic Of The Year - Brazilian Beauty Franchisee Of The Year and Australian Skin Institute Retailer Of The Year.  Pretty much a clean sweep for Currimundi.

So it could be assumed that, having achieved her initial goals of owning her own clinic and “being the best full service salon” (not just on the Sunshine Coast but out of all 21 Brazilian Beauty clinics Australia wide) that Josie could simply sit back and ride this success and enjoy the fruits of her accolades… but not this chick.  With support from Brazilian Beauty and our CEO, Francesca Webster, Josie and her Currimundi clinic will continue to grow and evolve.  

Get ready for a metamorphosis because new exciting changes are on the way!  From a total clinic make-over to a new exciting treatment menu, next time you visit Currimundi you may feel like you’ve mistakenly walked in to the wrong clinic but rest assured… you’re in the right place!

And although, the name will also be different, the heart and soul remains the same.  Same team, same outstanding service.

The Brazilian Beauty family is extremely proud of her growth and accomplishments and are excited to be part of this exciting new phase of her business.  To say that Josie is totally inspiring seems slightly underrated… I mean the girl is the epitome of ‘Girl Power’ (you know that, right Josie?)... and that’s exactly what we mean when we say ‘Believe in Beautiful’.