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  • What is a Membership ? A Brazilian Beauty membership is an ongoing monthly value package offered by the Brazilian Beauty Membership Club. These memberships offer access to discounted professional monthly clinic treatments and reward monthly customer loyalty. 
  • How do I sign Up For A Membership? It’s easy! You can sign up for a membership in any Brazilian Beauty clinic, online HERE or via the Brazilian Beauty App HERE.
  • How do I pay for my membership? A membership is paid for in clinic, online or via the Brazilian Beauty APP via a secure payment gateway by using your credit or debit card. 
  • When does my membership start? Your membership starts on the date of purchase.
  • Are there any restrictions on when I can attend the clinic? No, we’d love you to visit anytime, book online, call the clinic or drop in anytime to book your appointment.  
  • With the Skin Club Membership, does the 10% off other Skin and Facial treatments include Cosmetic Injections treatments? Yes it does, it relates to all skin and facial treatments including cosmetic injections, PRP and IM’s, there are no exclusions. 
  • When I purchase a membership do I receive loyalty points?  Yes, you do ! For every $20 you spend at Brazilian Beauty on any product, treatment, gift card or membership  you will receive $1 in points that you can redeem in clinic. You can view your current loyalty points anytime via the Brazilian Beauty App.
  • Which products do the 10% off in the Skin Membership relate to? Products are all retail products sold in the Brazilian Beauty Clinics including ASI – Australian Skin Institute Skincare.
  • Can my membership be put on hold? No, sorry! We can’t currently put memberships on hold. 
  • Can my membership be used by my friends and family?  No, we currently ask that only one person uses a membership so that we can be sure that we are redeeming the membership services to the correct customer. 
  • What happens if I miss my appointment? We send reminder push notifications and/or reminder SMS confirmations for all appointments. If you can’t make your appointment you can reschedule within 24 hours. If you forget to reschedule and miss your appointment you will forfeit your monthly treatment. 
  • Will I get the appointment times that suit me? We’d recommend booking in all your membership services in advance, this way you get the therapists, dates and time that suit you best. 
  • Can I transfer my membership to another person?  Currently you cannot transfer your membership to any other person or allow any other person to use part of your membership at any time.
  • Can I cancel my membership? Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. We will calculate the full price of the services that you have received and settle the account based on the full price of the services you have received to date. 




  • Member refers to the holder of any active ongoing package offered by Brazilian Beauty Membership Club.
  • You or your is a reference to the member whose name the Brazilian Beauty Membership package is held in.
  • Membership refers to the commitment of an individual to pay for a selection of services offered by the Brazilian Beauty Membership Club within an agreed duration of time.
  • Appointments and bookings are an agreed time and date between both the membership holder and Brazilian Beauty Membership Club at which the requested service will be delivered.
  • LED is a 30 minute facial treatment  
  • Microdermabrasion Facial is a 30 minute facial Treatment 
  • Professional Peel is a 30 minute facial treatment 
  • Brazilian Wax is the Brazilian Beauty signature Brazilian Wax 
  • Products are any retail items in the clinic including ASI – Australian Skin Institute Skincare
  • Your Beauty Club Membership term commences on the date you purchase your membership and continues strictly for the number of months that you have purchased your membership
  • Your membership cannot be put on hold for any reason
  • You cannot transfer your membership to any other person or allow any other person to use part of your membership at any time
  • If you wish to cancel your membership you must pay Brazilian Beauty for the full price of the treatments you have had to date and  you authorize Brazilian Beauty to debit any such amount from your method of payment
  • While we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your desired booking time we cannot and do not guarantee that particular booking time will be available unless it is booked in advance
  • If you cancel your appointment without giving us 24 hours notice we will charge you a fee of 100% of that service credit
  • If you ‘no show’ do not attend your appointment time that you have booked without prior notice you will be debited 100% of that service credit
  • Monthly payments are debited directly from your debit/credit card or via your credit card via the Zenoti payment gateway
  • All payments will be debited via your method of payment monthly in advance.
  • Monthly means 4 weeks.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account or credit on your credit card to allow monthly debit payments to be made.
  • Please note that extra services will require an extra fee.
  • If you miss a service it cannot be carried over to the next month.