The ultimate waxing experience from the experts in beauty


At Brazilian Beauty, our highly trained and professional Beauty Therapists are the ultimate experts in waxing. Thanks to our unique, tried and tested methods, premium waxing products and strict hygiene standards, we know you will be absolutely delighted with your waxing experience. In fact, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Treatment   Price Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Brazilian (Female) 20 minutes $62.95 $52.45 Book Now
Brazilian (Male) 40 minutes $92.95 Book Now
Brazilian & Underarm (Female) 30 minutes $77.95 $64.95 Book Now
Bikini 10 minutes $37.95 $31.60 Book Now
G-String 20 minutes $51.00 $42.50 Book Now
Bottom only 10 minutes $25.95 $21.60 Book Now
Buttocks 10 minutes $32.95 $27.45 Book Now
Half Leg 20 minutes $44.95 $37.45 Book Now
3/4 Leg 30 minutes $60.00 $50.00 Book Now
Full Leg 30 minutes $62.95 $52.45 Book Now
Half Leg & Brazilian (Female) 40 minutes $95.00 $79.16 Book Now
Full Leg & Brazilian (Female) 50 minutes $112.95 $94.12 Book Now
Underarm 10 minutes $28.00 $23.30 Book Now
Half Arm 20 minutes $39.00 $32.50 Book Now
3/4 Arm 20 minutes $46.00 $38.33 Book Now
Full Arm 20 minutes $52.00 $43.33 Book Now
Tummy Line 10 minutes $15.00 $12.50 Book Now
Eyebrow Sculpture 10 minutes $25.95 $21.60 Book Now
Eyebrow and Lip 20 minutes $42.95 $35.80 Book Now
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin 20 minutes $57.95 $48.29 Book Now
Chin 10 minutes $22.95 $19.12 Book Now
Lip 10 minutes $22.95 $19.12 Book Now
Sides of face 10 minutes $27.00 $22.50 Book Now
Full face 20 minutes $60.00 $50.00 Book Now
Nipples 10 minutes $23.95 $19.95 Book Now
Nostrils 10 minutes $23.95 $19.95 Book Now
Neck 10 minutes $23.95 $19.95 Book Now
Half Back 10 minutes $35.00 $29.16 Book Now
Full Back 20 minutes $53.00 $44.16 Book Now
Smooth - Full Leg, Brazilian, Underarm and Eyebrow Sculpture 70 minutes $155.95 $129.95 Book Now
Ask in clinic for more treatment areas Book Now


With over 16 years of waxing experience under our belt, a team of highly trained waxing specialists and a signature waxing style that has seen tens of thousands of happy customers serviced from our 10 clinic locations – we are proud to be Brisbane’s leading waxing experts.

We love helping our customers not only look their best, but also feel confident in themselves and the waxing services we offer. At Brazilian Beauty, you won’t just get your standard waxing service. You’ll get exceptional hair removal results delivered with honest, professional advice you can believe in.

Our friendly and welcoming waxperts are all fully qualified Beauty Therapists, who have also undergone intensive training in Brazilian Beauty’s signature waxing techniques, as well as our strict health and hygiene protocols – their mission to ensure you are 100% delighted with your waxing experience.



While the discomfort you feel during waxing will depend on your individual tolerance to pain, our professional waxperts will take care to ensure pain is kept to the absolute minimum.

We’ve spent years perfecting what we do so that your waxing treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible. In fact, our customers are often surprised at how painless our signature waxing technique actually is.

Our selection of superior strip and hot wax formulations means that we can cater for even the most sensitive of skins, choosing both the most appropriate wax formulation and technique to suit your skin as well as the area being waxed.



This totally depends on the area you are waxing and, interestingly, can be affected by factors such hormones, medications and medical conditions as well as the seasons.

In general, most clients will return every 2-4 weeks for facial waxing while most other areas of the body need maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

The great thing about waxing as apposed to shaving or using chemical based hair removal creams is that hair will grow back softer and slower. And over time, with repeated waxing treatments, will naturally reduce and become more sparse.

However, if you prefer to totally skip the long term commitment of regular hair removal, you can opt for a more permanent solution by the way of IPL Hair Reduction. Click here to find out more about Brazilian Beauty’s IPL Laser Hair Removal options.



Absolutely! At Brazilian Beauty, we believe everyone has the right to own their own kind of beautiful.

If you are looking for professional waxing of the full body and/or intimate areas such as Brazilian Waxing, then you have come to the right place, however there are a few things you need to know and acknowledge before you go ahead and make your booking.

Please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with our ‘Waxing Etiquette’ information so that we can offer you the exceptionally professional waxing experience we are famous for.

Pre-treatment Advice

  • Do not shave the area for three weeks before your appointment.
  • Best results are achieved when the hair in the area to be waxed is at least 0.5cm long.
  • Avoid sun exposure and chemical peels or powerful exfoliants on the area for at least two days before your appointment.
  • While powerful exfoliants are to be avoided, performing a light exfoliation on the area to be waxed can help achieve superior results.

Post-treatment Advice

  • Don’t exfoliate for 2-3 days directly after being waxed.
  • Exfoliating 3 days after your treatment with an exfoliating mitt will help to prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliate the area every 2 days thereafter.
  • Apply a powerful after-wax lotion to the area immediately after waxing to eliminate potential infection, irritation and the chance of ingrown hairs.
  • Don’t expose the treated area to solariums or direct sunlight for 24 hours after your appointment as the treated area is more prone to burning.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours after your wax to minimise irritation.
  • Shower immediately after exercise and use an antibacterial cleansing gel to clear your follicles of perspiration which can carry bacteria.
  • For delicate areas, wear pure cotton or no underwear at night to allow the area to breathe.
  • The optimum time between waxing appointments is 4 weeks.
  • Don’t shave between waxing appointments as this distorts the hair growth cycle. Pre-booking helps to establish the correct time between appointments.