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Brazilian (Female) 20 minutes $62.95 $52.45 Book Now
Brazilian (Male) 40 minutes $92.95 Book Now
Brazilian & Underarm (Female) 30 minutes $77.95 $64.95 Book Now
Bikini 10 minutes $37.95 $31.6 Book Now
G-String 20 minutes $51.00 $42.5 Book Now
Bottom only 10 minutes $25.95 $21.6 Book Now
Buttocks 10 minutes $32.95 $27.4 Book Now
Half Leg 20 minutes $44.95 $37.95 Book Now
3/4 Leg 30 minutes $60.00 $50 Book Now
Full Leg 30 minutes $62.95 $52.45 Book Now
Half Leg & Brazilian (Female) 40 minutes $95.00 $79.16 Book Now
Full Leg & Brazilian (Female) 50 minutes $112.95 $94.12 Book Now
Underarm 10 minutes $28.00 $23.3 Book Now
Half Arm 20 minutes $39.00 $32.5 Book Now
3/4 Arm 20 minutes $46.00 $38.3 Book Now
Full Arm 20 minutes $52.00 $43.3 Book Now
Tummy Line 10 minutes $15.00 $12.5 Book Now
Eyebrow Sculpture 10 minutes $25.95 $21.6 Book Now
Eyebrow and Lip 20 minutes $42.95 $35.79 Book Now
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin 20 minutes $57.95 $48.29 Book Now
Chin 10 minutes $22.95 $19.12 Book Now
Lip 10 minutes $22.95 $19.12 Book Now
Sides of face 10 minutes $27.00 $22.5 Book Now
Full face 20 minutes $60.00 $50 Book Now
Nipples 10 minutes $23.95 $19.5 Book Now
Nostrils 10 minutes $23.95 $19.5 Book Now
Neck 10 minutes $23.95 $19.5 Book Now
Half Back 10 minutes $35.00 $29.16 Book Now
Full Back 20 minutes $53.00 $44.16 Book Now
Smooth - Full Leg, Brazilian, Underarm and Eyebrow Sculpture 70 minutes $155.95 $129.95 Book Now
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Our professionally trained and highly-qualified Beauty Therapists will ensure that your treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible. Thanks to tried and tested methods, premium wax and strict hygiene standards Brazilian Beauty 100% guarantees that you will be delighted with your waxing experience.

Extra care is given when waxing around sensitive areas of the body. Our professional Therapists will always take special care and ensure that appropriate support and superior quality wax is used. This is how we minimise discomfort as we leave you with beautifully smooth skin.

For year-round silkiness, we recommend booking a treatment every four weeks.

For a more permanent hair reduction, we suggest that you look into our IPL Hair Reduction treatments.

Pre-treatment Advice

  • Do not shave the area for three weeks before your appointment.
  • Best results are achieved when the hair in the area to be waxed is at least 0.5cm long.
  • Avoid sun exposure and chemical peels or powerful exfoliants on the area for at least two days before your appointment.
  • While powerful exfoliants are to be avoided, performing a light exfoliation on the area to be waxed can help achieve superior results.

Post-treatment Advice

  • Don’t exfoliate for 2-3 days directly after being waxed.
  • Exfoliating 3 days after your treatment with an exfoliating mitt will help to prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliate the area every 2 days thereafter.
  • Apply a powerful after-wax lotion to the area immediately after waxing to eliminate potential infection, irritation and the chance of ingrown hairs.
  • Don’t expose the treated area to solariums or direct sunlight for 24 hours after your appointment as the treated area is more prone to burning.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours after your wax to minimise irritation.
  • Shower immediately after exercise and use an antibacterial cleansing gel to clear your follicles of perspiration which can carry bacteria.
  • For delicate areas, wear pure cotton or no underwear at night to allow the area to breathe.
  • The optimum time between waxing appointments is 4 weeks.
  • Don’t shave between waxing appointments as this distorts the hair growth cycle. Pre-booking helps to establish the correct time between appointments.

Extra care needs to be given when waxing around sensitive areas of the body. Sensitivity and irritation will also be caused by waxing over the area many times. Our professional therapists will always take care and ensure the appropriate support and superior quality wax is used to minimise any pain that may occur. The discomfort you feel during waxing will depend on your pain threshold, after a few treatments the pain will subside, as your hair will be less coarse.


Your appointment time will vary depending on the treatment you are having. When booking an appointment your therapist will confirm the duration of time it will take.


Make sure that the area getting waxed is at least 0.5cm long. Try to avoid sun exposure and chemical peels or powerful exfoliants on the area 3 days prior to your appointment.


Apply the Ultimate 3 in 1 After Wax Lotion to the area immediately after waxing to eliminate any potential infection, irritation or ingrown hairs. We recommend this product be used on a regular basis between waxing appointments. In our experience it is easily the best product on the market and makes the difference between a pleasant experience and an uncomfortable one.

Avoid being waxed two days before and two days after your menstrual cycle as your body can be more sensitive.
Avoid solariums and direct sun for 24 hours as the waxed area is more prone to burning.


This will depend on the area you are waxing. Facial waxing is usually between 2-3 weeks. Most other areas of the body are between 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth.


Waxing will cause redness and some slight inflammation of the hair follicles but this will subside within a few hours of the treatment and with the recommended product.


Waxing can reduce the amount of hair growth on certain areas of the body, the hair becoming finer and sparser. However, facial hair can be caused by hormones and therefore may grow back thicker or darker if there are any hormonal imbalances.


Don’t be tempted pluck at home between your waxing treatments, it will create an irregular hair growth cycle. If you are unable to come back for a return wax at the recommended time, shaving is acceptable as long as the hair is at least 0.5cm on the day of the treatment.


Waxing during your period will make you more susceptible to pain and your body will be more sensitive. You are still able to receive a Brazilian wax as long as you have a clean tampon in.


Brazilian Beauty’s own superior wax is used in the forms of Hot Hard wax and Strip wax.


Tweezing may be done after the waxing to ensure a completely hair-free result.


If you have very sensitive skin then you need to ensure you tell our therapists beforehand so they are able to take extra care when waxing you and ensure a calming product is applied to the skin directly after waxing. The hot hard wax is especially gentle on the skin and should not cause further sensitivity or aggravation.


Folliculitus is an inflammation or infection of the hair follicles which results in redness, bumpiness or little pimples. Bacteria entering the open follicles causes folliculitis; to minimise this occurring you should not touch the area after it has been waxed, sweat 24 hours after waxing or wear tight clothing on the area.


All of our professional fully qualified therapists are trained the Brazilian Beauty way and will endeavour to make your experience excellent. If you do feel more comfortable staying with one therapist you may request to see only her.


Yes, make sure you are not wearing tight fitted clothes and that you don’t touch the area. On the Brazilian area only wear cotton or no underwear at night to allow the area to breathe.


Sweating and chemicals can cause infection or irritation to the area so try to avoid swimming or exercise.


A small amount of blood in the follicle may occur if the hair is very coarse or deep, the bleeding lasts a few seconds once the wax has been removed.


The hair growing back is a very slow process and won’t be noticeable day to day.


Ingrown hairs may occur if you do not exfoliate the area one week from the treatment. Using the recommended products by your therapist will prevent ingrown hairs occurring.


Absolutely! Make sure you let your therapist know exactly what you need doing when you book your appointment, and we will certainly accommodate you!


Yes. If, for sporting, medical or personal reasons you need hair removed from your entire body, shaving really isn’t an option. Waxing is recommended, however we do suggest IPL for a permanent solution.