Our Cosmetic Injection Nurses and Doctors are available at Brazilian Beauty Clinics. For details of Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurse anti wrinkle Injections offered at your nearest Clinic, please see below and contact your nearest clinic directly.
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Dr. Edwina Morgan

Our Medical team is led by our Medical Director Dr Edwina MorganMD-Certified Cosmetic Physician MBBS, BSC, DRANZCOG

Dr Morgan has shaped a multi-faceted career in medicine that is synonymous with accompanying her patients on some of the most transformative and intimate journeys in their life.

Beginning with a career in obstetrics and gynaecology after obtaining a Bachelor of Science from University of Queensland and also a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from prestigious Bond University, Dr Morgan became increasingly fascinated with cosmetic medicine and as her anatomical appreciation and skill set developed in this area, so too did she become more empowered on behalf of the patients to grow into this specialty.

Dr Morgan’s warm and down-to-earth approach allows her to delve a little deeper to create the results her patients are seeking, her ultimate goal is to treat and provide for her patient’s cosmetic needs in their entirety; it’s an endeavour she commits a great deal of planning and passion towards.

Dr Edwina has advanced to become a national Key Opinion Leader and Lead Trainer in advanced injectable techniques.


Nurse Elizabeth

Qualified Cosmetic Injector and Registered Nurse, Elizabeth has over 20 years experience working in the medical field, including working as an emergency department charge nurse and more recently as flight manager and team medical trainer for Virgin Australia Airlines.

Responsible for delivering Brazilian Beauty’s injectable range of anti-wrinkle and vitamin wellness treatments, Elizabeth combines her high personal standards and professional approach with an easy-going relatability that puts patients at ease.

With a belief that beauty is more than just a pretty face, Elizabeth endeavours to make each and every client feel confident, uplifted and empowered by both their internal and external beauty.




Nurse Ana

Registered Nurse and qualified Cosmetic Injector, Nurse Ana loves helping people become the best version of themselves. Having recently joined Brazilian Beauty’s experienced medical team, Ana is finding the multidisciplinary opportunities and focus on continued education invaluable. With an extensive nursing background in acute care, Ana says that working directly with clients to boost their confidence and appearance through non-surgical cosmetic procedures is highly rewarding.

Responsible for delivering a range of injectable anti-wrinkle, enhancement and vitamin wellness treatments as well as advanced anti-ageing skin procedures, Ana believes beauty is a mindset; “When you feel good in your own skin and embrace your uniqueness, your beauty will shine”.



Nurse Jagrup

With years of experience as a registered nurse under her belt, Jagrup loves bringing your cosmetic dreams to life. Jagrup loves nothing more than the opportunity to boost her client’s confidence and create their own version of beautiful; a core part of the Brazilian Beauty mission.

Jagrup loves working with lip filler, and how everyone has a unique set of lips and different goals they want to achieve. With a belief that beauty equals happiness and happiness equals beauty, Jagrup looks forward to helping her clients be the best version of themselves.




Dr Edwina Morgan - MD-Certified Cosmetic Physician, MBBS, BSC, DRANZCOG

Dr Edwina Morgan - MD-Certified Cosmetic Physician, MBBS, BSC, DRANZCOG

Nurse Elizabeth - Registered Nurse

Nurse Elizabeth - Registered Nurse

Nurse Jagrup - Registered Nurse

Nurse Jagrup - Registered Nurse

Nurse Ana - Registered Nurse

Nurse Ana - Registered Nurse