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Take charge of your beauty game: the new beauty app that makes looking good as easy as hitting the like button!

Aahhh… technology… I was wondering when you were going to finally come up with a way to make my beauty game easy, breezy… well, you know… effortless.

I mean, I want to look good, who doesn’t right? But between doing the school runs, running in and out of the office and dealing with the ‘what’s for dinner mum’ on the daily, it seems the only one staying on top of their beauty schedule is our Cavoodle!

Well, move over doggo because Brazilian Beauty has just released a new app that not only allows you to book your favourite beauty services on the go with just a few clicks, but also acts as your very own VBA (that’s Virtual Beauty Assistant... darhling) and IRC (Instant Rewards Centre)...taking your beauty game to a whole - new - level!

Book your favourite appointments in just 3 clicks:

The new Brazilian Beauty app comes with some super clever techy stuff that gets to know your favourite treatments, preferred therapists and most suitable times so you won't need to scroll & fumble your way through a long list of services and time slots to make a booking!

Simply click on the app icon then click ‘book now’ and you’ll see your favourite treatments displayed, along with your regular BB Therapist and some convenient time options for you to choose from… click your preferred time and, ta da!!... you’re all booked in.

From the home screen you can also conveniently shop skincare, body care and make-up as well as purchase a Brazilian Beauty Gift Card that can be instantly sent directly to the recipient!... a perfectly thoughtful gift covertly purchased while lying in bed, in your pj’s with a sheet mask draped on your face… #multitask!

Never miss a beauty beat with appointment & package reminders:

If you’re anything like me, keeping track of your various appointments, memberships, gift cards and pre-paid packages can sometimes get a little crazy. Having the Brazilian Beauty app downloaded on your phone is like having your own personal beauty assistant. You’ll get reminders and alerts on your upcoming appointments as well as somewhere to keep track of your purchased gift cards, pre-paid packages and Brazilian Beauty’s new membership programs. Your profile will automatically update with your appointment schedule and purchases whenever you make a transaction so you’ll never need to manually add your appointments into a calendar or try and remember how many visits you have left on that spray tan package you purchased… it’s all there in the ‘appointments’ and ‘accounts’ section of the Brazilian Beauty app.

Earn, track and redeem valuable loyalty points and referral rewards:

By far my favourite part of the app, Brazilian Beauty will reward you with loyalty points and gift cards every time you have a service, buy a product or recommend a friend! Yasss!... (hands-up emoji), loyalty points will quickly add up and can be tracked in the ‘Loyalty Details’ section of the app.

You’ll get 1 loyalty point for every $20.00 spent in clinic or online plus you’ll get a $20.00 gift card every time you recommend a friend who has a service in clinic!

The ‘Beauty Is Better Together’ referral program gives you access to a unique $20.00 discount code which you can share amongst your friends, family and social media posse. Each time your unique code is used by one of your friends, Brazilian Beauty will automatically add a $20.00 gift card to your account. You can keep track of your bonus gift cards by checking the ‘Gift Card’ section in the app.

Enjoy Self Check-In, Self Check-out and Contactless Payment options:

The Brazilian Beauty app will automatically recognise when you arrive in the clinic, allowing you to check in right from your phone and notifying your Therapist that Your Highness has arrived. Once your service is complete, you can self-pay right from the app or enable ‘Auto Pay’ and simply… walk out. How cool is that? Simply sign up for the optional ‘Brazilian Beauty Go’ option within the app to access these features.

Earn your first $20.00 reward by downloading the Brazilian Beauty app today:

So, what are you waiting for? There’s so much to love about the Brazilian Beauty app. Download it now to get instantly rewarded with $20 worth of loyalty points to redeem at your next appointment! Simply click this link Brazilian Beauty App and get earning!