Skin Breakouts: Why You Get Pimples And The Treatments That Target Acne

Following on from part 1 of our blog series on Acne: The Three Causes Of Acne, we take a closer look at treatment options that will eliminate pimple breakouts by directly targeting the three main causes of acne - bacteria, excess oil and inflammation.

Treatments that will Target Acne Causing Bacteria, Reduce Excess Oil & Calm Inflammation

Ensuring you are using the correct home care regimen to address the three main factors contributing to acne skin breakouts is the first step in managing acne-prone skin.

The Australian Skin Institute’s Acne Treatment Kit has been formulated to clear congestion, purify, hydrate and harness the magic power of antioxidants while visibly reducing the appearance of acne scarring and evening your complexion. this powerful kit will fight acne skin breakouts by unclogging blocked pores, reducing excess oil on the skin’s surface and calming redness and irritation caused by P.acne bacteria.

In addition, having regular in-clinic skin treatments will not only accelerate recovery results but also help to support your home maintenance efforts to ensure acne skin breakouts are kept at bay.

Pro Peel

This treatment deeply exfoliates the skin, clearing the pores of sebum plugs and congestion. Combined with healing peptides, growth factors and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, this facial will calm and soothe redness and inflammation while assisting the skin in restoring balance to the surface layer.

Recommended as a weekly, monthly or ‘as needed’ treatment, depending on the severity of the acne, our Brazilian Beauty professional Skin Therapists will discuss and design a treatment plan to deliver the best possible ongoing results for your individual needs.

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LED Light Therapy

Blue and red LED light therapy are now widely accepted as an effective treatment for managing excess oil production in the skin and controlling P.acne bacteria that leads to red and inflamed skin breakouts.

Unlike topical treatments that decrease bacteria on the skin’s surface, LED Light Therapy penetrates deep down into the skin’s hair follicles and pores to eliminate the P.acne bacteria colonising within the skin. Highly sensitive to blue light, LED Light Therapy shuts down their metabolism, killing the bacteria before they have the opportunity to feed off the oil glands and multiply to cause the inflammation that results in acne breakouts.

Combined with red light, LED Light Therapy also encourages the skin to heal and strengthen by stimulating collagen and elastin production and speeding up the skin’s cellular turnover, helping to reduce and fade acne scarring, shrink pores and revitalise the skin’s protective surface.

LED Light Therapy is an acne-prone skin’s best friend and is used weekly as part of an ongoing acne management plan, it is very effective in preventing the cascade of events that leads to an eventual acne skin breakout.

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Brazilian Beauty is here to help you manage your acne

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