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Brazilian Beauty Bendigo Detox Results

Kristy has lost 2kgs during the four days of detox and while I have only lost 1.3kg my waist has shrunk by 6cms – we are ECSTATIC!

After finishing up the detox last Thursday, I can tell you Friday’s morning coffee was a godsend! Reintroducing normal food again on Friday was a slightly different challenge and left my body in a little bit of shock, however, Saturday was a new day and I was able to run further than I ever have! Just as Arj promised I have clearer skin (see make-up free photo below – I cheated a little and left my eye makeup on), increased energy and am feeling heaps stronger - as witnessed in training this morning loading weights onto my squats and chest press.

As we are drawing to the end of our last official week of the 28 day program you’ll probably hear a little less from me on the blog, however I’ve already decided to continue training with The Human Mechanics especially in the lead up to the Mother’s Day Classic. If you’re interested in joining our Mother’s Day Classic team please register here. If the walk/run is not for you but you still want to be involved then you can donate here. The competition to win your own 28 day program will be drawn on the 27th March so get in quick for your IPL packages and go into the draw. Before and After photos will be posted on Friday (eek) so stay tuned!