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Why Dermaplaning Is the Most Ideal Exfoliant for Your Skin

Everyone has their inimitable skin type and concerns. Even so, for a stunning and flawless look, three things combine—good genes, a remarkable glam team, and some underlying industry secrets. And in that respect, dermaplaning is among the most significantly effective remedies. In all likelihood, you must've already seen the appraisals. Conversely, what are the main reasons for the rave reviews? Read on to learn more.

Beauty of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a safe routine that is carried out in spa facilities by specialized practitioners such as trained estheticians. It's especially beneficial for individuals with dry or rough skin complexions. Consequently, the treatment is a valuable physical exfoliation procedure. Dermaplaning facial treatments entail the use of a sterilized, surgical scalpel to delicately "shave" the skin's surface. It also requires the removal of the outer layers comprising of dead skin cells alongside fine "vellus" hair better known as "peach fuzz." Accordingly, the procedure can be conducted periodically and has no recovery time. Moreover, an esthetician can combine the treatment with acne care regimes or chemical peel procedures to enhance skin exfoliation. A dermaplaning facial addresses acne-scarred skin concerns and subsequently delivers dramatic results. It also smooths out wrinkles along with fine lines. For a significant number of people suffering from pollution-induced damaged skin and melasma, dermaplaning treatment can provide relief. And more so, the practice is an excellent alternative to depilatories and waxing techniques typically used for extraction of fine facial hair.

What Are the Benefits?

So, what accomplishments does exfoliating your skin with a scalpel precisely achieve? A lot, apparently:
  • Instantly, it serves to give your skin a lasting premier luminous glow and a more even-toned complexion.
  • Rewards you with a supreme dewy skin, increases the rate of cell turnover, thus stimulating collagen, and this accords you a smoother texture.
  • Physicians might recommend the procedure before you undertake specialized operations such as laser and deep chemical treatment.
  • Plus, the action contributes to a more profound absorption and efficacy of products into the skin. Due to this, makeup goes on more impeccably, leaving your skin looking brighter and more firm.
  • Equally, the light shaving motion eliminates little facial hairs in the process of exfoliating. Often, excess fine facial hairs accumulate dirt and oil—hence exacerbating facial concerns. And as opposed to terminal hair, vellus hair does not grow back bulkier or darker.

Dermaplaning vs. Dermabrasion

Contrary to popular belief, dermaplaning is by no means similar to dermabrasion. Indeed, the later is a mechanical exfoliation technique that uses micro-crystals in conjunction with suctioning to exfoliate. Overtime, dermabrasion has become defunct. More so, due to emergent complications related to infections and scarring.

How Long Is the Downtime?

Dermaplaning not only avails a quick and relatively convenient skincare solution but also requires no downtime—although you need to take a break of at least two weeks between sessions. What's more, these treatments are entirely painless, with the procedure relatively taking less than 30 minutes. Prepping is conducted in advance for sensitive skin that is susceptible to irritation post-procedure through rubbing alcohol on the surface to curb the concern.

How Often Can You Get It Done?

Experts recommend the procedure every 3-4 weeks based on the rate of hair growth and the need to maintain the desired results. Correspondingly, an expert esthetician is available to help you establish an optimal schedule. Bottom Line Would you like to do more for your skin and accomplish relatively better results than what your regular facial achieves? Dermaplaning could be crucial, both in the short term and in the long run. And there you have it—An A-lister's best-kept skin secret. Want to try it? Contact us and book a dermaplaning facial with your local Brazilian beauty clinic/salon today.