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10 tips for a better night sleep

We’ve all experienced the kind of tired that not even caffeine can fix and it usually seems to be on the busiest days when a nap isn’t an option. The regret of watching that extra episode on Netflix really kicks in when your 6am alarm is ringing - but we’ll probably do it again next week regardless. However, a good nights sleep is incredibly important to your general wellbeing, it improves your mood, metabolism, concentration, immune system and can improve how you look- no more tired eyes! Getting a good nights sleep can be easier said than done though, not only is Netflix a huge distraction, early work mornings, caring for the kids, busy schedules, working out and life in general can make getting more than eight hours sleep close to impossible. Often, just getting to sleep can be the most difficult part. Relaxation techniques can help you fall asleep, find what works best for you, whether for you that’s reading a book, lighting a candle or meditation. Whatever it is that helps you relax, find time to do that before attempting to sleep.

Other tips include:

  • Switching off your phone before getting into bed- liking that post on Facebook can wait until morning
  • Getting into a routine. Head to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up bright and early the next morning. Doing this helps to regulate your bodies sleeping clock
  • Exercising for at least 20 minutes during the day
  • Avoid caffeine late in the day
  • Don’t work or study in your bedroom, your room should only be used for sleeping
  • Take your makeup off and clean your face
  • Buy a lavender scented spray for your room- this is said to help give you a better nights sleep and help you wake up feeling more energised in the morning
  • Sadly alcohol helping you sleep is just a myth, so avoid drinking as it makes it more difficult to stay asleep during the night
  • Make sure your bed is comfortable with a soft mattress, comfy pillow and a duvet to suit the season
  • Summer can be a tough time for sleep, your room should be kept quite cool, so have a fan at the side of your bed or turn on the air con to cool your room before you get into bed
So leave that extra Netflix episode till morning, relax and get the eight hours sleep you deserve.