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What to expect pre, during and after Cosmetic Injections

If you have ever considered a Cosmetic Injection treatment, we have broken down what you can expect pre, during and post treatment.

Pre treatment

Prior to your treatment you will fill out a detailed consultation form. Your Registered Nurse, along with the prescribing Doctor will have an in-depth look at your health history, discuss your concerns and expectations and create a treatment plan to help you make an informed decision. Photos are taken prior to treatment and then compared at your follow up appointment. Your Registered Nurse may get you to make a number of facial expressions and mark your skin with a medical marker to ensure best treatment.

During treatment

Anti-Wrinkle/Muscle Relaxant treatments are performed using a series of injections over the area to be treated. The procedure is very quick and usually pain-free. A mild sting may occur but any discomfort is resolved immediately after treatment.

Dermal Filler treatments may involve the use of topical anaesthetic or ice packs to improve discomfort. These treatments involve fewer injections using a needle or cannula, depending on the volume needed.

Post treatment

Immediately after treatment, it is normal to notice small bumps on the injection sites treated with Anti-Wrinkle/Muscle Relaxants. These usually settle within an hour or so.

Slight redness and swelling can occur in the areas treated with Dermal Filler. This usually subsides quickly, bruising may occur in some cases which could last a couple of days.

Mineral Makeup can be applied directly after treatment and you can resume normal work.

For up to 6 hours after treatment we would recommend avoiding exercise, alcohol, touching the area and applying pressure to the area. Ice can be used after Dermal Filler treatments to reduce swelling if needed.

For a complimentary consultation on Healthy Skin and the Ageing Process, book in with a Brazilian Beauty Registered nurse. This will take 15-30 mins and is designed to give clients the opportunity to gain information and education about anti-ageing.