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The Ultimate Guide To Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

There are plenty of reasons why you may consider a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. This process is especially useful for those of us who have fair hair colours, very fine eyebrows, or gaps in our eyebrows. With a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo your brows are shaped, filled, and sometimes darkened to achieve a full and natural look.

The Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing is the art of naturally enhancing your eyebrows to create the illusion of a fuller and more defined shape. Your eyebrows will always be perfect, regardless of whether you're wearing makeup or not. Not only cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are a major confidence booster, but they are also very convenient. They allow some individuals to seek expert help in creating a more defined brow in order to complement the rest of their facial features. Unlike a traditional tattoo, cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are achieved through a nonpermanent pigment that is customised to compliment your skin tone and hair colour.

Henna Brow

Eyebrow Henna tattoos are achieved through applying dye to the brows and surrounding skin to shape and fill in your eyebrows, staining the skin and hair for up to 6 weeks. This cosmetic eyebrows solution is perfect for individuals who are curious about cosmetic eyebrow tattoos but aren't quite sure if they'd like to make a longer commitment just yet. The procedure itself takes about 30 to 40 minutes for Henna Brows with Eyebrow Sculpture. Prior to the Henna Brow treatment, we ask that your skin is completely free of any spray tan residue. We also ask you to warn your treatment specialist of any allergies you may have. Following the Henna Brow treatment, we advise that you keep your eyebrows dry and free of any makeup. For the best results, please avoid using any oil-based products or AHAs over and around the brow area.

The Feather Touch Brow

Our Brazilian Beauty Senior Therapists are experts in the art of Feather Touch Brow Tattoos. Unlike the harsh look of traditional eyebrow tattoos, Feather Touch Brow Tattoos appear much more natural. They are customised and designed to resemble real eyebrow hair. You may choose to subtly fill in your brow or completely reshape them. Feather Touch Brows naturally enhance and define your eyebrows by filling them in with individual hair-like strokes of a long-lasting pigment, opposed to a permanent ink. This allows our Therapists to completely customise the pigment to match your skin tone and hair colour. Going for a long-lasting solution opposed to a permanent procedure also allows you to evolve your eyebrows over time, keeping up with the latest styles and trends. Feather Touch Brows may last up to 24 months. At Brazilian Beauty, the Feather Touch Brows procedure also includes a free consultation and a perfection visit approximately four weeks after the initial treatment to touch up and perfect your eyebrows. Prior to treatment, it is incredibly important to be as clear as possible about the results you desire to achieve. Be specific! Cover the shape, colour, and any other relevant details during your free consultation. We also ask that you have your eyebrows shaped with the Senior Therapist who will be performing the procedure to get an idea of the shape before any pigment is applied. Please do not get your eyebrows tinted before the procedure, and avoid any AHAs, BHAs, or exfoliants for at least three days prior to the Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo treatment. We also advise that you apply sunscreen to your eyebrow area every day to keep the area from burning before you come in for treatment. Following the Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo procedure, keep in mind that pigment may fade up to 80% within the following week. Any pigment or shape concerns can be addressed at your follow up perfection appointment. For the best results, we strongly advise following our post-treatment advice and directions. At Brazilian Beauty, we offer two cosmetic eyebrow solutions: a Henna Brow and the Feather Touch Brow. Neither is permanent, however, the Feather Touch Brow will last 24 months while the Henna Brow may last for up to 6 weeks.   Find your nearest Brazilian Beauty salon and call now to schedule your free consultation! For beauty tips and more, head on over to our blog. To learn more information about Brazilian Beauty and our Senior Therapists, please contact us.   .