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How to be a Brazilian-aire! My first Brazilian Wax.

Like many 20-something, urban-dwelling, beach-frequenting females, I felt I had reached a point where I could no longer resist temptation, finally giving in to curiosity and getting my first Brazilian Wax

Booking in for my very first Brazilian Wax was almost a momentous occasion, I’d long been a ‘slave to the shave’ and it was finally time to bare all and confront my prickly skin demons.

Brazilian waxing is quickly becoming somewhat of a rite of passage for women of all ages. Since the early 00’s, Brazilian waxing has become increasingly mainstream .. which is unsurprising given The Journal of Urology said over 80 percent of U.S. female college students remove some, or all of their hair down there… now, that’s a lot of wax.

I approached my waxing appointment with caution. As it neared, I made sure I had read absolutely all the literature my laptop could handle. How-to videos, before and after images and countless beauty articles littered my search feed. When the time came to my wax, I felt I had reached expert preparation level.

Walking in to the salon (my 4 week growth in tow) I was immediately put at ease. Professional staff welcomed me by talking to me about my skin, my wants and needs, and ensuring my waxing experience was as painless and as seamless as possible - hoorah for my chacha!

To my surprise (and complete relief) the wax itself was a walk in the park! After reading up on all the waxing horror stories, my 30 minute appointment breezed by - with my therapist talking me through the unique Brazilian Beauty technique. She told me they used a Signature Method (how fancy!) which ensured their clients had the best brazilians in town. Needless to say, I was delighted with the end result. I glided out of the salon like a goddess, walking to my car in a way that can only be described as a ‘full on Beyonce strut.’

I felt I was now inducted into part of an elite club. My skin felt fresh and smooth and I have never felt more prepared for a weekend by the sea. Upon leaving I armed myself with an artillery of after-care products to take care… down there, and prepare my skin for my next appointment.

The Brazilian Beauty 3-in-1 After-Wax Lotion is a must-have! This magic potion slows hair-growth, prevents icky in-growns and soothes your sensitized skin. It’s the absolute bees knees for maintaining a healthy hoo-ha between waxes and even helps make future waxes much more comfortable. If you’re a first timer - or a seasoned brazilian-aire (as I now am) you can’t be without it!

My advice for Brazilian Wax newbies; have faith in your therapist! Trust their expertise and remember your lady lotus is in great hands!