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Hair-Free, Care-Free! Who do you trust for your IPL?

There are plenty of scare tactics thrown about by the media in regards to Intense Pulsed Light technology. IPL machines are the aeroplanes of the hair removal world. They’re fast and effective, usually expensive and vastly impressive. However, the best ones are those with hordes of safety features. After all, there’s no sense in intentionally endangering yourself. Not all IPL machines have fantastic safety features; some don’t even have the basics. IPL machines, if not correctly fitted with adequate shielding, may emit unsafe levels of radiation. Cheaper machines also carry the risk of burning skin and causing other related damage.
Male IPL Hair Removal - The smooth guys get the girls…
Male IPL Hair Removal
At Brazilian Beauty, we employ a very modern machine model, which causes significantly less discomfort than other models and is FDA and TGA approved. More important than the safety additions is the pilot. If you’re getting into a jet, you’re going to want a highly trained, experienced and extremely professional person at the controls. All of our therapists qualified in IPL are excellent fighter pilots. They are extremely efficient and highly trained.
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
Also, much like fighter pilots, their training doesn’t stop when they leave flight school. Our therapists constantly receive updates on the latest applications for IPL technology and are always eager to expand their knowledge and skill. So now that you have chosen your airline and handpicked the pilot that you feel most comfortable with and with the best credentials, it’s time for your treatment. If you’ve have never had IPL before I guess it can be a little scary but also super exciting! You are taken to the next level, a whole new hair free world where you don’t have to worry about unwanted hair, ingrown hairs or waxing. You will be traveling to a care-free, permanent hair-free you, all in under 20min for your standard smaller treatment areas and it wont cost you the world!