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What to expect: Ageing in your 20s

Beauty is about enhancing what you have.

Here is an insight into what you can expect to see or feel on your skin through your 20s and treatment solutions to help prevent the ageing process.


What you may notice:

The most important thing to consider during your 20s is that what you do now can help to prepare for future skin ageing. Prevention when you have healthy collagen and elastin is key.



An Anti-Ageing Assessment with a Registered Nurse will be able to identify areas of the face where you may see skin ageing later in life. Anti-Wrinkle Injections will stop fine lines turning into wrinkles.


Skin treatments:

A monthly Pro Peel and LED Treatment will help to keep cell turnover functioning correctly and skin in optimum health.



A healthy skin care routine is vital to keep collagen production functioning well. We would recommend starting simple with a Cosmeceutical cleanser, day cream and night cream. The ASI Essential Daily Rejuvenation Collection is a great place to start.


Contact your closest Brazilian Beauty Clinic for your complimentary Anti-Ageing Assessment and Consultation today.