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Aftercare for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Care Tips and Post-Treatment Advice

Provided you give your lashes the proper amount of care and keep up to date with fills, your eyelashes can last indefinitely!

The secret to maintaining beautiful, natural-looking eyelash extensions after your appointment comes down to your post-treatment plan of attack. Long, thick lashes are one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your self-confidence and feel more beautiful, but extensions won't do you much good if you aren't dedicated to caring for them properly.

Be gentle on your lashes after treatment. If you rub your eyes excessively or pull at your extensions, you'll find yourself dealing with unwanted shedding. Be sure to take advantage of the coating sealant given to you by your therapist during your appointment to help your results last longer, too.

Lashes should be kept dry for the first 24 hours after treatment; plan for this accordingly by washing your hair and face prior to your appointment. That way you can give yourself a quick break from anything that may get your face wet. Even shower steam can damage a fresh set of lashes.

What you Need to Do to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Taking care of your eyelash extensions is a simple process, provided you're willing to remember a few guidelines and take advantage of a few tools. Keep away from showers, saunas, and anything else that could get your lashes wet or create steam near your face for 24 hours after application and avoid waterproof mascara. You can use cotton swabs to remove your makeup and avoid rubbing lashes loose; keep cleaners that have oils or solvents away from your eyes, too-- they can do some serious damage to lash extensions. Avoid eyelash curlers and don't tint or perm your eyelashes with extensions in, either.
  • Do avoid water for 24 hours after a session
  • Do avoid products that contain formaldehyde
  • Do comb your lashes with a spooly wand every morning and utilise a lash extension sealant
  • Do refill every two to three weeks
  • Don't touch, pull, pluck, or rub your lashes
  • Don't pile on heavy moisturizers or facial oils

What to Do During Allergic Reactions

Some women experience allergic reactions following eyelash extension appointments, but this is rare. Usually, if they're going to happen, reactions will occur 12 hours after an appointment or following a good night's sleep. Allergic reactions tend to be obvious-- severe swelling and redness are hallmarks of a problem. If you encounter any sensitivity in the area after an appointment, start by purchasing an allergy-based eye drop. This will help keep your eyes moist to cut down on irritation and help them get used to the extensions. If you don't experience relief quickly, you'll need to contact your salon immediately to schedule removal of your lashes.

Scheduling a Refill

If you're dedicated to keeping your lashes maintained, plan on scheduling infills between two to four weeks after each appointment. The exact timing that will work best for you is dependent on numerous factors such as how many lashes you had applied at your appointment, how you treat your extensions, and your own personal lash cycle and skin type. Before you come into our office for a refill, make sure that you've:
  • Booked in advance
  • Let us know if you'd like anything about your lashes changes
  • Remembered to avoid heavy makeup on appointment day
  • Double-checked you haven't applied eye makeup before your appointment
If you're interested in changing your beauty routine with eyelash extensions, book in for a complimentary consultation with Brazilian Beauty's professional beauty therapists today. We offer a variety of curls and lengths designed to be tailored to your lashes and preferences for a look you're sure to love. Find out more about our lash options here.