Good news!  From the 16th of May 2020 our Brazilian Beauty Clinics will reopen inline with  STAGE 1 of Queensland’s Roadmap to easing Covid-19 restrictions.  
We understand that many of you have been eagerly waiting to book in your treatments and services so here is a rundown of what the ‘staged’ comeback means in regards to Beauty Services and answers to some of the questions you guys have been messaging and emailing us.
STAGE 1 for Beauty Therapy QLD only - via QLD Government Directive  
Due to the nature of some of the services provided within the scope of ‘Beauty Therapy’ and in beauty clinics, the QLD Government in consultation with QLD Health have directed that although beauty clinics are able to open as of 16th May 2020, some beauty services will continue to be ‘restricted’.   Services such as Skin Needling and Feather Touch Brows/Cosmetic Tattooing and Spray Tan will not be available during Stage 1.   However, as you are probably aware, the rules around restrictions are reviewed frequently and updated accordingly by the Government as the situation evolves.  
For now, Stage 1 means you will be able to book the following services at Brazilian Beauty clinics throughout Queensland:
Waxing; including brazilian waxing.
IPL Services:  Both for Hair Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation.
Eyebrow Services; including eyebrow sculpting, eyebrow tinting/henna, eyebrow lamination.
Eyelash Tinting, Eyelash Lift and  Eyelash Extensions.
Facials; including 30min & 60min Custom Facials, LED Facial,  ASI Pro Peels and Peptide Infusion Facials and our stronger Vitamin A Peels and Cosmelan Peels.
Cosmetic Injections & IM Boosters;  performed by our medical specialists will ONLY be available from our Head Office location during stage 1.
**Please note - At the time of writing this blog, full restriction on beauty services in Canberra, Victoria and Adelaide remain in place. If you are looking to book your services at one of our interstate locations such as Bendigo, North Adelaide or Woden please check with the clinic directly as each state has different directives in relation to dates and allowances for each stage.  Contact details for the various clinics can be found on our main website at and then by clicking the ‘location’ tab.
Our Covid-19 Safe Plan
Things are going to be a little different next time we see you in clinic!  Yes... we are going to quiz you about your recent health and we are going to ask you to wear a mask and gloves during your services.  This is part of the Covid-Safe protocol we must follow in order to carry out your treatment.
We’ve all done an amazing job at flattening the curve of this pandemic and it hasn’t been without much sacrifice from people like you and our beautiful staff and customers.  We just need to put up with a few extra little inconveniences for a little while longer.
Here is our plan:
1: Staff & Clients exhibiting the following symptoms are asked to not attend any Brazilian Beauty Clinic:
    • Elevated Temperature above 38 degrees C
    • Shortness of breath
    • Cough (of any kind)
  • Cold/Flu-like symptoms including sweating, runny nose, sneezing, Diarrhea and vomiting  
2: Brazilian Beauty and it’s staff reserve the right to refuse treating any clients who present with one or more of the symptoms outlined above .
3: Clients will be asked to provide their full contact details including home address as part of the Covid-19 record keeping requirements.
4: Clients will not be able to bring a friend or family member (including children) along to the appointment.  Anyone who does not have an appointment must wait outside unless visiting to pick up retail products.
5: Each client must sanitise their hands on arrival and will be supplied with PPE in the form of disposable gloves and mask to wear into the treatment room.
6: Our Beauty Therapists will also sanitise their hands before and after each client as well as wear PPE during every service.
7: Our treatment beds and contactable surfaces such as door handles will be sanitised with 70% alcohol disinfectant spray after every client.
8: Contact with our reception area and point of sale equipment such as eftpos terminal and ipads will be kept to a minimum and sanitised with 70% alcohol disinfectant after each client.
Your FAQ’s answered:
When will you be open?  
We will officially reopen our Queensland clinics on Saturday 16th May 2020 from 8am to 4pm.
Can I book in my cosmetic injections... dahling?
Yes!  You can but at this stage this service will only be available out of our Head Office location in the suburb of Albion, Brisbane.  Booking can be made online via our website at or email
I need to have my Feather Touch Brow Part B follow up.  Can I book in next week?
Unfortunately, this service is still restricted during Stage 1 of the Governments plan.  As with some of our other services such as microdermabrasion, IPL and skin needling, restrictions may ease in the following months and we will keep you updated as information comes in.
Yay… I’m dying for a spray tan… can I book one in?
Sadly, no.  Due to the 4 square meter social distancing rule, Spray Tanning is still restricted.  We are keeping a close eye on this restriction and will advise as soon as possible.
I am so hairy!!!  Can I get my waxing done?
OMG! YES!  Go ahead and book in and we’ll have you looking silky smooth in no time!
Watcha going to do about my brows, hey?
LOL… yep, we hear you sista (and bro).  The good news about being in iso for 8 weeks is that we are going to create some ah-mazing brow transformations!  Our brow beauties are ready for you… so go ahead and book in your eyebrow make-over… make sure to include the works… brow sculpt, tint/henna, even a brow lamination to tame the crazy out of your brow!
8 weeks of sugar and carbs and my skin is a mess… Which facial should I have?
Our online Virtual Beauty Advisors are ready to consult with you about your skin.  Go ahead and have a pre-appointment chat so that they can customise a treatment plan and organise your first appointment.  Jump online at or email and one of our Beauties will get right back to you!
When can I get my Lash Extensions put back on?
Now babe!  Go ahead and book!
Great!... I read all these FAQs and my question is not listed… who can I contact?
From Saturday 16th May 2020, you will be able to call any of our Queensland clinics directly.  Alternatively, you can email us at and will get back to you asap.  Visit our website at for individual clinic contact details.