IPL Laser Hair Removal for Men

Permanent Hair Reduction – for the man who has nothing to hide.
Please see the Bendigo IPL page for details on pricing at Brazilian Beauty Bendigo.

Treatment   Price Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Treatment Price 6-pack Book Now
Consultation 20 minutes Complimentary Book Now
Pre-treatment Shaving Fee 10 minutes $25.95 $19.13 Book Now
Brazilian 20 minutes $92.95 $77.46 Book Now
Bikini 10 minutes $72.95 $60.79 Book Now
Gstring 20 minutes $82.95 $69.13 Book Now
Buttocks 20 minutes $62.95 $52.46 Book Now
Bottom Only 10 minutes $42.95 $35.79 Book Now
Half Leg 30 minutes $142.95 $119.13 Book Now
Full Leg 50 minutes $192.95 $160.79 Book Now
Underarm 10 minutes $49.95 41.63 Book Now
Half Arm 30 minutes $132.95 $110.79 Book Now
Full Arm 30 minutes $162.95 $135.79 Book Now
Shoulders 20 minutes $82.95 $69.13 Book Now
Half Back 20 minutes $102.95 $85.79 Book Now
Full Back inc shoulders 40 minutes $172.95 $141.63 Book Now
Neck (back) 10 minutes $42.95 $33.29 Book Now
Neck (front) 20 minutes $62.95 $49.96 Book Now
Nipples 10 minutes $42.95 $33.29 Book Now
Tummy Line 10 minutes $32.95 $24.96 Book Now
Chest inc abdomen 30 minutes $152.95 $124.96 Book Now
Eyebrows - Mono 10 minutes $22.95 $16.63 Book Now
Sides of face 20 minutes $78.95 $65.79 Book Now
Face inc beard 30 minutes $102.95 $85.79 Book Now
Full Body 120 minutes POA POA Book Now
We can treat all areas. Please enquire with your local clinic for prices on the full range. Book Now

Brazilian Beauty uses IPL technology to permanently reduce hair growth. IPL Hair Removal targets the hair follicle with light waves, which causes irreparable damage to the follicle, to inhibit future hair growth.

IPL is the preferred treatment for long-term smooth skin – without the fuss of waxing or shaving. Highly trained IPL Technicians at Brazilian beauty, safely and effectively remove hair for permanently smooth skin. IPL Hair Removal at Brazilian Beauty is a fail-safe, guaranteed permanent hair reduction procedure. Wave goodbye to fuzz and ingrown hairs, say hello to smooth hair free skin!

*Please ensure treatment area is shaved prior to your appointment. Any shaving performed in the salon will incur a $20 fee.

​Intense Pulsed Light has seen widespread commercial use in Australia since the late 1990’s. The technology has seen rapid evolution, and is more popular today than ever before. Embraced by both males and females, IPL hair removal is definitely the future of permanent hair removal.

What is IPL Permanent Hair Removal?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is attracted to the dark pigment in hair follicles. The light heats the follicle to a high temperature, causing the blood supply to the follicle to cease, preventing future hair growth.

What is the difference between IPL and laser?

IPL is a newer technology than Laser. Unlike Laser, IPL contains no radiation and is designed solely for hair removal.

Is IPL Hair Removal permanent?

Yes. IPL treatment will remove all hair in the target area over a course of treatments at intervals recommended by your therapist. However, hormonal changes can activate previously dormant hair follicles to begin producing a small amount of hair.

Is IPL painful?

No. There might be a slight sensation as the hair follicle heats up, however there is no pain that a BB Man can’t handle!

Is IPL different for males?

Not in any important way. The procedure is still the same, and the effect is also the same.

​Our Professional therapists will talk you through the entire treatment and be able to answer any questions you may have. The treatment will involve the following:

  • During your IPL consultation we will assess your hair and skin and verify with you which parts of your body you would like treated during the appointment.
  • Using the IPL machine the area will be treated, a gel will be applied beforehand to conduct the light evenly over the treatment area.


​Prior to your treatment it is recommended to follow the tips below:

  • Don’t be tempted to pluck or wax at home while having IPL; the hair needs to be in the follicle for the treatment to work correctly.
  • Ensure that your hair is at least 0.25cm long for every second treatment so your therapist can monitor the progress; between treatments you are able to shave the area.
  • Keep out of the sun and always wear a SPF prior to your visit, do not get a spray tan on the area 7 days prior to your treatment.
  • Book in for a free consultation to discuss your skin and hair suitability, medications, allergies, how many treatments will be needed and receive a free test patch.


​Following your treatment it is recommended to follow the tips below:

  • When the hair has been treated by IPL it needs to be allowed to shed out of the follicle. Plucking or waxing can hinder the effectiveness of the IPL treatment.
  • Shaving between treatments is acceptable; ensure there is three days of hair growth before your next treatment.
  • Avoid touching the area after your treatment, this can be irritating on the area and cause an infection.
  • Avoid any sun exposure and wear an SPF daily.
  • If you have any irritation or concerns contact your nearest salon for advice.