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Male Spray Tanning

Achieve a natural looking bronze with Brazilian Beauty's professional male spray tan.

Brazilian Beauty’s signature spay tan delivers the best spray tan in Australia.

We use an organic, green-based tanning fluid, for a natural olive tan - no streaks guaranteed. The difference lies in the Brazilian Beauty Signature Spray Tan method. Our professional Beauty Therapists are highly-trained in our Signature method to guarantee you a beautiful, even coverage.

Sculpt and define muscle tone, even your complexion and show off a natural-looking tan that lasts.

Treatment Option



HYDR8TAN Full Body Spray Tan



VaniT Full Body Spray Tan


Face Only






Additional Coat of Tan



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​The link between exposure to UV rays and skin cancer began to be widely known during the 1960’s. Since then, sunless tanning alternatives have reached extreme heights of popularity. Subsequent to legislation against tanning beds in many Australian states, most people are beginning to realise the benefits of spray tanning. With no exposure to UV rays, and therefore no danger of developing skin cancer from the treatment, spray tans have increased greatly in popularity, particularly over the last two decades. The Vani-T tanning liquid we use at Brazilian Beauty doesn’t blotch and creates an even natural texture all over, and looks even better than a hard-earned sun tan!

There are a few obvious things you can do to prolong the life of your tan: Don't exfoliate heavily. Exfoliate BEFORE your tan (to remove dead skin cells). Use the products your therapist recommends (they really do make your tan last longer).

We have never had a client react to our tanning products, however in the event that you do, we have procedures in place to deal with the situation.

We use a green base tan, so your tan will go a natural, glowing colour.

Your tan should last around 7-10 days. If you use the products your therapist recommends, and don't go swimming in the ocean every day, you might be able to prolong this.

There are certain steps you can take to prolong your tan, however beyond that there is very little maintenance required.

​Prior to your treatment it is important that you maintain your personal hygiene. A shower beforehand will make the entire event much more comfortable for everyone involved. Otherwise, just come on in. If you have grown-out facial hair, and you intend on removing it shortly, do so before your tan to avoid a ghostly white patch where your beard was.

​During the treatment, you’ll go into a tanning room and your therapist will give you some privacy to get undressed (we do provide disposable underwear). Then, using an advanced spray gun (automatically creates an even spread) your therapist will tan you top to bottom. It’s that simple!

​Following your spray tan, follow the advice your therapist gives you. Depending on the coverage, the level of tan you wish to achieve, and the product used (some have accelerants) you will need to shower anywhere between 2 and 10 hours after your appointment (showering helps bring out the natural aspect of your tan).

  • Use a body wash to cleanse your skin daily.Bar soaps and high lathering body washes may prematurely fade your tan
  • After showering, always pat the skin dry, do not rub
  • Avoid baths, pools or spas for extended periods
  • Rebook your next tan for 2 weeks time, you can also purchase a tanning package to save money.

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