Ionithermie Body Treatment For Men

A wellness solution for men to tone, firm, and detoxify their body.

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Ionithermie cellulite treatment is a unique and extraordinary anti-cellulite, figure corrective and firming treatment. Ionithermie is the only cosmeceutical treatment to detoxify the body at the cellular level. The treatment gives immediate, sustainable, clinically proven centimetre loss of up to 20 centimetres per treatment. Over one million treatments are performed annually worldwide, making this one of the most popular cellulite removal techniques ever. It is an award winning procedure, with a portfolio or fantastic results for cellulite removal!

Ionithermie is a highly specialised procedure requiring significant training. We currently provide Ionithermie cellulite treatment services at Brazilian Beauty Springfield and Brazilian Beauty Taringa.

For more information please read our FAQ’s below or speak to one of our professional Therapists.

Pre-Treatment Advice

A full consultation will be performed – some medical conditions may contraindicate the treatment.

Photos and measurements will be taken prior to your first treatment. Photos are optional, and are available at the end of a course of treatments for you to keep for your records.

Your body will be prepared for the treatment by dry-brushing your skin in the area of treatment and applying several active creams and gels to your skin.

The treatment area will be covered with a conductive thermal clay which spreads the stimuli over the concern area.

Post-Treatment Advice

Do not use a Steam/Sauna or heat treatment for 6 hours after your session as your skin may be more sensitive.

Do drink at least 3 litres of water per day during your course of treatments to help flush the body of broken down toxins and waste.

Do advise your Ionithermie specalist of any changes in your medical condition or medications started or stopped during your course of treatment.

Do use your Ionithermie homecare products every day (other than your day of treatment in the salon), for best results.

Do stick to a healthy eating plan.

Using the powerful detoxifying benefits of marine plants, combined with galvanic and faradic stimuli, Ionithermie enhances your body’s natural functions. Galvanic stimulation begins the process of ionization, converting the molecules of actives (organic Algae, Ivy, Kelp, Guarana Extract, Amino acid, RNA and ATP) into an Ion and essentially freeing them so that they can penetrate through the layers of skin and break down trapped fluids that cause pockets of fat. Faradic stimuli is an alternating and interrupted charge that causes the muscles to flex and relax rhythmically and automatically, helping to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase circulation often causing immediate centimeter loss.


This treatment crosses the boundaries of spa and medi-spa treatment category and you will be required to fill out a consultation form to ensure this treatment is suitable for you and so that you can properly identify your concerns. Once your course of treatment is established, you will be measured in 5 places or more on
the areas being treated. The areas measured will be marked, so we can re-measure in the same area, and record the results upon your personal card. An alchemy of active ingredients will be massaged into the skin, before you lie on a warm clay mask. Electrodes are applied to the areas being treated, making the absorption of active ingredients possible. The treatment itself is pleasant. The clay is warm and the faradic stimuli feels like a deep massage in every area where an electrode is placed. While your treatment is in progress, your therapist will talk to you about your lifestyle, diet and the Ionithermie at- home program, which will enhance the detoxification process. For maximum benefits after your first treatment you will apply the homecare, every morning 12 – 96 days or more depending on your program.


Yes. Once the toxins have been removed, the only way to revert to your original condition is by poor diet, lack of exercise, medications etc. The same way it developed in the beginning will be the way to put it back on. With this in mind, we do recommend a course of treatments every couple of years or sooner depending on your lifestyle, and how well you maintain your results.


Yes, both men and women are suitable for this treatment. Many men use the Ionithermie system to firm and tone their abdominal and waist areas.
Additionally, many athletes (both male and female) use the treatments to relieve sport-related muscle tension, aches and pains.
There are some medical conditions which may prevent the use of the treatment, but most clients are still able to use the homecare program. Please call the salon prior to booking if you have any medical conditions, are taking medications or have any allergies.
Note: Ionithermie is not a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise or a standalone treatment for obesity. Seeing a nutritionist and/or personal trainer while on this program will give faster more sustainable results.


As Ionithermie is a body sculpting treatment it is performed in targeted problem areas only. The Ionithermie treatment and Ionithermie Super Detox treatment are available in the following areas of the body:

Stomach – treatment area is from the bra line to the hip around the body. Treating both the stomach and mid- lower back.
Stomach and Arms – treatment area is the same as the stomach, including the upper arms as well.
Hips – Treats the love handle and bottom area from the belly button to mid thigh.
Buttocks lift – focus of this treatment is on the buttocks and upper back thigh, the area treated is from the upper hip to mid thigh.
Thighs – treatment area is from the upper hip to knees.

Ionithermie for Abdominal Definition – If you work out regularly and need a little help to lose the extra stomach padding, and reveal your six-pack, then opt for a course of the Ionithermie Abdominal treatments, which literally focuses on the six-pack area. The abdominal treatment is also widely used by male body-builders as a booster treatment during their ‘cutting’ phase going into a body building competition. Not only does detoxification help with additional fat loss, the muscle contractions increase the pump in the muscle for a full look on competition day.

Ionithermie as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle – Ionithermie is a wellness treatment. While after just one treatment there will be a measurable difference (most clients lose between 2 to 20 centimeters), true results are seen when Ionithermie is combined with a healthy lifestyle.

What is a healthy lifestyle? Very simply put, it is a balanced lifestyle that includes physical exercise, healthy eating, rehydration and enough sleep. It is a lifestyle that manages to cope with the daily stressors healthfully, so as not to overburden the body with stress hormones and toxins.

Ionithermie helps you cope with the daily toxins that make their way into the body through food, environment, alcohol/drugs/medicine and stress by helping to release them back into the lymphatic system to be exported from the body. Toxins in the body are poisons that are stored away from the vital organs. In men, this is normally the abdomen, back of the neck and chin. However, each of us have a unique physiology and so toxin and fat storage locations vary from person to person. What is very important is that toxin storage and fat build up, wherever it is, can be
a burden on the body’s internal cleansing system, making the metabolism and circulation sluggish and less efficient. Ionithermie infuses the body with trace elements as well as metabolism motivators (Ivy, Algae and Guarani Extract) to ensure that the body’s entire system is given a vital boost. The result is a healthier, more efficient internal cleansing system.