Ionithermie Cellulite Treatment

Love your body with this unique and extraordinary anti-cellulite, figure corrective and firming treatment.

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Ionithermie cellulite treatment is a unique and extraordinary anti-cellulite, figure corrective and firming treatment. Ionithermie is the only cosmeceutical treatment to detoxify the body at the cellular level. The treatment gives immediate, sustainable, clinically proven centimetre loss of up to 20 centimetres per treatment. Over one million treatments are performed annually worldwide, making this one of the most popular cellulite removal techniques ever. It is an award winning procedure, with a portfolio or fantastic results for cellulite removal!

Ionithermie is a highly specialised procedure requiring significant training. We currently provide Ionithermie cellulite treatment services at Brazilian Beauty Springfield and Brazilian Beauty Taringa.

For more information please read our FAQ’s below or speak to one of our professional Therapists.


Pre-Treatment Advice

A full consultation will be performed – some medical conditions may contraindicate the treatment.

Photos and measurements will be taken prior to your first treatment. Photos are optional, and are available at the end of a course of treatments for you to keep for your records.

Your body will be prepared for the treatment by dry-brushing your skin in the area of treatment and applying several active creams and gels to your skin.

The treatment area will be covered with a conductive thermal clay which spreads the stimuli over the concern area.

Post-Treatment Advice

Do not use a Steam/Sauna or heat treatment for 6 hours after your session as your skin may be more sensitive.

Do drink at least 3 litres of water per day during your course of treatments to help flush the body of broken down toxins and waste.

Do advise your Ionithermie specalist of any changes in your medical condition or medications started or stopped during your course of treatment.

Do use your Ionithermie homecare products every day (other than your day of treatment in the salon), for best results.

Do stick to a healthy eating plan.

Ionithermie works by introducing active ingredients into the problem area by using gentle stimuli to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, firm the skin, and tone the muscles. Ionithermie involves the use of a hand-held device which transmits two gentle forms of low-level electrical stimuli, accompanied with algae and thermal clay. To achieve and maintain the best results Ionithermie treatments are supported with Home Care products.


  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • You lose 2-20 cm in your 1st treatment
  • Firms and tones muscles
  • Improves and smoothes the skin texture
  • Detoxifies and re-mineralises the body
  • Raises energy levels and the metabolism
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation


You will see fantastic visible results from 1 treatment, however your therapist will prescribe to you a homecare cellulite reduction program to improve the results.


Cellulite unfortunately is a fact of life for 90% of women worldwide. It is not selective to women who are only overweight, but also plagues women who are thin as well.

Recent medical studies have shown that cellulite and its “orange-peel” texture are caused by the following:
The accumulation of toxins in the spaces between the skin’s cells (in what doctors call the “extra-cellular matrix”). These toxins are made in the skin’s connective tissue due to pH changes.
A decrease in microcirculation in the capillaries of the skin, which help remove the toxins and by-products of the cells’ metabolic processes.
An increase in fluid held in the adipose (fat) tissue.
An increase in the number and size of the fat cells.
An increase in the thickness of the fibrous “bands” anchored to the skin through the adipose tissue. These can be thought of as being like the buttons on a mattress or a soft cushion, where the thread anchoring the button through the fabric causes an indentation below the surface – but the remainder of the surface is raised.


Ionithermie primarily is a detoxification program; cellulite is a symptom of toxicity in the body. Some other symptoms of toxicity which Ionithermie can treat effectively in the target areas are:

Irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, fluid retention, arthritis, constipation, stretch marks (reduced not removed), poor circulation, bloating, lethargy, muscle tension, cold hands and feet, dry skin, sagging skin, poor muscle tone, slow metabolism and excess weight.


Yes. Once the cellulite has been reduced and toxins removed, the only way to revert to your original condition is by poor diet, lack of exercise, medications etc. The same way it developed in the beginning will be the way to put it back on. With this in mind, we do recommend a course of treatments every couple of years or sooner depending on your lifestyle, and how well you maintain your results.


Ionithermie is a two part treatment, the treatments in salon (once a week) and the homecare products that are used daily. Every client and every clients concern and lifestyle is different, therefore an individualised program will be designed for you.

Approximate treatments and homecare programs are listed below:
A course of 5-10 is recommended for early stages of cellulite and preliminary detoxification
A course of 10 treatments for visible cellulite and moderate detoxification
A course of 15-20 treatments may be necessary if the cellulite is hardened and solidified, and for aggressive detoxification


As Ionithermie is a body sculpting treatment it is performed in targeted problem areas only. The Ionithermie treatment and Ionithermie Super Detox treatment are available in the following areas of the body:

Stomach – treatment area is from the bra line to the hip around the body. Treating both the stomach and mid- lower back.
Stomach and Arms – treatment area is the same as the stomach, including the upper arms as well.
Hips – Treats the love handle and bottom area from the belly button to mid thigh.
Buttocks lift – focus of this treatment is on the buttocks and upper back thigh, the area treated is from the upper hip to mid thigh.
Thighs – treatment area is from the upper hip to knees.


Yes, both men and women are suitable for this treatment. Many men use the Ionithermie system to firm and tone their abdominal and waist areas.

Additionally, many athletes (both male and female) use the treatments to relieve sport-related muscle tension, aches and pains.
There are some medical conditions which may prevent the use of the treatment, but most clients are still able to use the homecare program. Please call the salon prior to booking if you have any medical conditions, are taking medications or have any allergies.
Note: Ionithermie is not a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise or a standalone treatment for obesity. Seeing a nutritionist and/or personal trainer while on this program will give faster more sustainable results.


There are a large number of products which will markedly increase the benefits you receive from an ionithermie treatment. These include slimming and firming products, collagen production products, etc. When you come in, we will recommend products which will reap the most rewards for your particular individual condition.


1. Natural Bristle Dry Body Brush – For best results brush your body dry in the morning before showering and before application of products to boost circulation. Best used with upward strokes towards the heart. Do not brush the face.
2. Tonic Silhouette – Apply Tonic Silhouette after showering directly to dry skin in circular movements, in all areas of concern.
3. Formulae A+B Ampoule – Wrap a tissue around the ampoule and carefully snap off top. Pour the contents into your hand and apply to the preferred areas using upward strokes.
4. Pro-Metasysteme – Massage a generous amount in large, upward, circular movements until the cream is completely absorbed. When course of Formulae A+B is finished continue to use Pro-Metasysteme daily.
5. Lait Pour Le Corps – Apply this light moisturiser generously to your entire body to lock in all active ingredients, and hydrate your skin.
This 5 step program is available in our online shop together as The Ultimate Starter Kit.


It is best to visit one of our locations to be professionally assessed in a complimentary consultation for your stage of cellulite and receive the best prescription for what you ultimately wish to achieve. However, as a general guide the following is recommended for cellulite removal, along with an Ionithermie treatment or Ionithermie Super Detox Treatment in store once a week.

Early stages of cellulite – 12-24 days
Visible stages of cellulite – 36-48 days
Well Established cellulite – 60-108 days


No permanent damage will occur from this treatment, although, clients with sensitive skin have noticed a redness in the area, or heat rash, which subsides within 20-60 mins after the treatment. This side effect can be more pronounced during sensitive times, such as just before or during your menstrual cycle, or while taking some sensitising medications such as antibiotics.


Provided you are a suitable candidate for the treatment (you do not have any medical condition that prevents you from having a detoxifying or electrical treatment performed) and the Ionithermie specialist has the correct specific Ionithermie training and is a fully qualified Diploma level Beauty Therapist there are no permanent negative effects from this treatment. Although, some redness of the skin or heat rash may appear in the area treated in clients with very sensitive skin, this side effect is rare, and will subside within 20 -60 minutes.


It is advisable to exercise within 4-12 hours after your treatment to get the best continual results. You will not need to shower directly after the treatment, as further moisturisers will be applied to the treated area.


Provided you maintain your health and fitness following your course of ionithermie cellulite removal, you should enjoy a very extended period without cellulite.