Fillerina – Grade 3



Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Replenishing Treatment Grade 3 for SEVERE wrinkles and SEVERE loss of volume in cheekbones and lips.

Fillerina Grade 3 treatment is for SEVERE expression lines and severe loss of volume in the cheekbones and lips. Containing a unique blend of six Hyaluronic Acids that plump up the skin naturally, this incredible age-defying beauty molecule tackles the areas that require an extreme boost of hydration.

Fillerina Grade 3 includes a Replenishing Gel (Plumper) with a high concentration of smaller molecules, and a Nourishing Film which work together beautifully to recover the skin’s former smoothness and contour with this two phase treatment method. Phase 1 penetrates the skin’s deepest layers to plump up the wrinkle depth and create volume in the cheekbones and lips, when Phase 2 leaves a soft silky feel with skin-loving ingredients including moisture-rich Vitamin E, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Shea Butter.

Recommended to use at night, consistently for fourteen days. 2ml each night will last 14 days. Results last up to 3-4 months.

Fillerina is the unique alternative to hyaluronic acid injections.

Tip: Fillerina Treatment Grade 3 can also be used on the neck and décolleté.

Pack Contains:
14 doses (2ml) of replenishing gel (plumper).
14 doses (2ml) of nourishing film.
2 precision applicators.

 Key ingredients and what they do:
#1 Filler Gel 6:
-Hyaluronic Acid Molecules
-Matrixyl: a peptide which promotes collagen and progressive plumping effects
-Hexapeptides: intervene in the regulation of water transportation through the skin layers

#2 Nourishing Film:
-Xylitol: provides a hydrating function
-Vitamin E: provides protection and an antioxidant
-Alba Seed Oil: provides comfort and nourishment
-Shea Butter Pseudoalteromas Ferment Extract (PFE): a bacterial fermented natural protein, increases collagen and elastin levels, provides hydration and lifting
-Cyathea Australis Leaf Extract: provides tension and tightness


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