Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extensions – Brush On Fibre Lashes



The #1 Salon Recommended At Home Eyelash Extensions Solution

This revolutionary fibre lash extension product thickens and extends your natural lashes by up to 300% guaranteed. Formulated with nourishing beeswax to stimulate lash growth, condition lashes and provide natural antibacterial properties.Get luxuriously lengthy lashes with out the hassle with this easy-to-use 3 step product.

How to Apply:

  1. Apply a generous coat of Transplanting Mascara Gel to clean dry eyelashes. (Approx 20 strokes).
  2. Apply a coat of Fibres before the Transplanting Mascara Gel dries, position wand in the middle of your lash and brush to the ends, avoid fibres being too close to eyeball. (Approx 15 strokes).
  3. Apply another coat of Transplanting Mascara Gel to seal the fibres in place. Make sure you do this well to avoid fibres falling off. (Approx 20 strokes).
Before and after using Cherry Blooms
Before and after using Cherry Blooms

Cherry Blooms brush on lashes use natural fibres to add enviable definition, length and fullness to each and every lash. 100% safe, non-toxic ingredients are perfect for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. 100% smudge-proof, water resistant formula – ideal for brides!